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Smoke, Mirrors and Disinformation… The Compromised Ties of the Apologetics Ministries

When The World Will Be as One…
Why Many Discernment Ministries Fail to Discern—They are Designed That Way

“Sometimes a ‘Board of Directors’ doesn't really direct, and the persons involved with it are practically invisible…from the day-to-day operations and identification with the ministry.”

The source of the statement above is the Manual of Ethical and Doctrinal Standards of Evangelical Ministries to New Religions (EMNR). This manual, which contains the official EMNR guidelines, was written in 1997 by Eric Pement and Craig Branch, members of the Board of Directors of EMNR.

Considering the above statement, in the interest of Christian discernment, we are on the verge of understanding something that has remained hidden for over 25 years — a phenomenon of sorts.

There appears to be a revolving door of personnel among five internationally known ‘Christian’ ministries:

· Christianity Today [CT]—Harold O.J. Brown, J.I. Packer, Chuck Colson [a “contemporary prophet” according to Hank Hanegraaff], Doug LeBlanc, Vernon Grounds, William Pannell, Earl Palmer, Terry Muck, Nancey Murphy and George Gallop [John Templeton Foundation advisory members] and many others

· Christian Research Institute [CRI]—Walter Martin, Hank Hanegraaff, Ronald Enroth, Gordon Lewis, Paul Martin, Wayne House, Norman Geisler, Francis J. Beckwith, Doug Groothuis, Eric Pement, Harold O.J. Brown, Chuck Colson [frequent radio guest], Doug LeBlanc, Rich Poll, Anton Hein, Ron Rhodes, Bob & Gretchen Passantino, Bill Alnor, Bob Bowman, Paul Carden, Rich Abanes, Luke P. Wilson, J. Isamu Yamamoto, Dean Halverson and many others

· Spiritual Counterfeits Project [SCP]—Ronald Enroth, J.I Packer, Art Lindsley, Vernon Grounds, William Pannell, Hank Hanegraaff, Doug Groothuis, Earl Palmer, Ron Rhodes, J. Isamu Yamamoto, Brooks Alexander, Bob Burrows, Dave Hunt [colleague], Dean Halverson, and many others

· Evangelical Ministries to New Religions [EMNR]—Walter Martin, Ronald Enroth, Gordon Lewis, Vernon Grounds, Norman Geisler [PFO-Personal Freedom Outreach & EMNR speaker], Craig Branch, Gordon Melton, Wayne House, Eric Pement, Rich Poll, Anton Hein, Bob Bowman, Ron Rhodes, Paul Carden, Bill Alnor, Bob & Gretchen Passantino, Francis J. Beckwith, Doug Groothuis [speaker], Luke P. Wilson, Rich Abanes, Dave Hunt [speaker], Terry Muck [speaker], Craig Blomberg [speaker] and many others

· American Family Foundation [AFF-affiliated with the old Cult Awareness Network/CAN]—Ronald Enroth, Paul Martin, Paul Carden, Ron Rhodes, Craig Branch, Johannes Aagaard, Margaret Thaler Singer, Louis Jolyon West, Steve Hassan, Gordon Melton, Eileen Barker

The facts show that these are interlocking organizations and that, true to the words in EMNR’s manual, “the persons involved with it are almost invisible”. These ministries act in concert for their true leadership extends to higher levels—well hidden. This structure, with the invisible leadership, allows a guiding hand, whose agenda is anti-Christian, to influence well-meaning Christians who trust the lower levels of leadership and financially support their work. The hidden hand which oversees their operation turns out much truth along with much deception—through books, tapes, newsletters, journals, interviews, web sites, travel and numerous conferences.

Christianity Today
Christian Research Institute
Spiritual Counterfeits Project
Evangelical Ministries to New Religions
American Family Foundation & CAN
Diakrisis International