Have you noticed them in the sky? The photos here are from all over the world as chemtrails are on the increase everywhere, making lots of people sick (more).

The whole thing is outrageous as most are oblivious to the danger of contrails. The media doesn't talk about them, nor do they talk about HAARP, nor about mind control.

But read what one pilot wrote back in 2000 about mind control:

"But as fantastic as all these powerful capabilities sound, there are gliches in their electronic control of humans. As an outsider looking inside for a number of years, this author has been able to take note of some of the success and failures of the New World Order's electronic mind-control. First, the NSA picks up so much intelligence information, they are drowning in their own information. Only so many people can make decisions, and they can only digest so much information. They may try to manipulate people and events, but Christians (who are free of the mind-control) can step through those manipulations by having the mind of Christ. Next, if a person understands who they are & believes in following Christ, outside visions & outside or strange voices or thoughts do not alter the course that a person will take." From OPEN LETTER TO YOU FROM TRANSPORT PILOT (21 Sep 2000) "Chemtrails, HAARP, and Mass Mind Control"


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