In a powerful first ever interview the wife of persecuted MMR doctor Andy Wakefield fires back at those who tried to ruin her husband’s reputation.

"MMR triple jab, given to toddlers to protect against measles, mumps and rubella, is capable of causing autism, other types of brain damage and a painful new form of gut disease. Since the story broke in 1998, Carmel has kept out of sight, refusing repeated interview requests and declining to be photographed. Only now, with her family preparing a permanent move to America, does she finally feel ready to open fire on her husband’s enemies. ‘Something is causing an appalling worldwide epidemic of autism and the new form of inflammatory bowel disease which Andy and his colleagues at the Royal Free Hospital in London first identified about ten years ago. Yet all that we ever hear from the authorities is, “It’s not MMR,”’ she says, packing up the last of her belongings in her West London home. ‘Oddly, though, they don’t seem in the least concerned about finding out what the actual causes might be. It is impossible for the authorities to rule out fears of a link between this vaccine, autistic disorders and bowel disease because they have not yet done the detailed clinical studies that Andy and others have, for many years, been pleading for. Why have they not, when, obviously, that is the only way to settle this controversy once and for all?’"

Vatican told bishops to cover up sex abuse Expulsion threat in secret documents
Read the 1962 Vatican document (PDF file)
Antony Barnett, public affairs editor
Sunday August 17, 2003
The Observer
The Vatican instructed Catholic bishops around the world to cover up cases of sexual abuse or risk being thrown out of the Church. The Observer has obtained a 40-year-old confidential document from the secret Vatican archive which lawyers are calling a 'blueprint for deception and concealment'. One British lawyer acting for Church child abuse victims has described it as 'explosive'.


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