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Q. "Now what happens if you take a very small baby and inject mercury?"

A. "Well, there are a lot of things that happen, and on top of inhibiting their ability to make hemoglobin, which we just talked about in detail, let’s talk about the affect on the immune system. What we know is that Thimerosal, at one nanomolar or lower concentrations—and when we say nanomolar, let’s put it in perspective—the vaccine contains 125,000 nanomolar level of mercury if it has Thimerosal as a preservative. That’s a huge amount. And one nanomolar levels in the baby will prevent the macrophages from going through phagocytosis. In other words, they will lose their ability to eat viruses and bacteria that are in the blood that shouldn’t be there, and so Thimerosal suppresses the immune system. This is well known and has been well described in the literature for a long time; that mercury is an immune system suppressor and you see that these autistic children have a truckload of immune problems. So you would prevent that from occurring. That is documented research and I don’t know how the government can even ignore it, or the agencies of the government can ignore it." From an Interview of Dr. Boyd E. Haley by Teri Small


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