JFK 1917-1963

In 1963, I was in jr high school and I remember between classes hearing the tragic news that our president had been shot and killed - everyone was in shock.

We now know that between 1963 and 1966, Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover successfully contained public criticism about the Kennedy assassination investigation through the Warren Report. In 1966, after the publication of two major critical attacks by responsible critics, a gallup poll indicated that 66 percent of the American people no longer believed the Warren Report and the Congress began to call for a new investigation.

The fraudulent campaign to blame the Kennedy assassination on what Hoover had called the "twisted mind" of Lee Oswald, proved too transparent to stand up to public scrutiny, and the need to divert attention away from the truth reemerged. The collapse of the credibility of the Warren Report created a desperate vacuum which was predictably filled by other absurd, distortions of truth.

The Warren Commission had successfully focused attention almost exclusively upon Lee Harvey Oswald, and when it was determined that the assertions it expounded were extremely frivolous, the pressure to develop another cover up to conceal the truth produced bizarre Kennedy assassination publicity. (more)