UFOs are real but they are not from other planets

Sonoma sunset

Growing up in Burbank, home to Lockheed, you may not be surprised that as a 10 yr old my friend and I saw a UFO - a very low flying saucer with a glowing dome with small windows that rotated clockwise and it made no noise. Strange? Yes. Was I believed? No.

That was then and this is now. From my current research I conclude that UFOs are real but they are not from another planet. They are 99% man-made by earthlings.

However, let us consider that there is ALSO a spiritual side to life - the supernatural. The Scriptures tell us of fallen angels and demons which may be playing a part in this UFO scenario. The prophet Ezekiel talks about a creature that looks like "a wheel in the middle of a wheel".

So yes UFOs are real but they are not from other planets. The only aliens that I know of are those that cross the borders.

But fear not and put your trust in the true living God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. Then you will receive not only forgiveness of sin but the peace of God that passes all understanding!


  1. You are right they are real... but they are more spiritual than you think....


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