Fox News Report: DC, the Masonic City


Not sure when this was aired, but the above clip was posted on youtube 5 months ago. FOX presents DC's hidden masonic symbolism encoded in its architecture and street layout.

And below is a video made last year on the California capital:


Freemasonry is everywhere but that organization is ONE of several working together at the top to prepare for the beasts, the dragon, and one word government spoken of in the Scriptures:

Revelation 13



  1. Might you be a Free Mason in disguise? I need a free mason to put pavers in my driveway.

  2. Sorry, but Freemasons are neither free nor mostly likely are they real masons!

    Plus it costs $$$ to join their secret club.

    Like the Federal Reserve which isn't federal nor a reserve (it's a private company that prints money out of thin air), the Freemasons aren't free (in fact, they are in bondage more than they realize). It's all smoke and mirrors.

    A word to the wise: don't join and if already in, get out and fast!


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