Why I Do Not Support Ron Paul by Kelly McGinley

Ron Paul using the Masonic handshake

By Kelly McGinley
Jan. 24, 2008

Listeners have asked me to write an article on why Ron Paul cannot be the savior of this country. They wanted an article they could send to friends and family to explain why I do not support Ron Paul. I choose not to get involved in the political fray, knowing it is all fake and a waste of precious time. I have decided to write anyway so those interested will know my heart in the matter. My ministry is not about promoting a politician, or any man, it is about exposing the works of darkness.

I understand the excitement of having someone like Ron Paul running for office. I understand the desire to want to restore our country. I understand the holding on to the hope that we could somehow stop the New World Order. I too have the same wants and hopes, but I have been around the block too many times and now know how the game is played. I have learned by personal experience that politics is nothing but a game of smoke and mirrors. As Stalin says its not those who vote that count but those who count the votes that matters. As far as my research has taken me, I am not sure this country has ever seen a true election since it's conception. Since they were electing masons from the beginning.

My research and experience has convinced me that the New World Order goons, aka Illuminati, secret societies, etc., have complete control of every aspect of this political process in this country as in all others. That there is no way humanly possible for a real ordinary person i.e., (not a member of a secret society) to ever get on a ballot let alone win an election. And if by chance the NWO goons were feeling charitable enough to allow a ordinary person on the ballot, no fear cause all the machines are rigged to fix the election to whom ever the elite want in office.

Many of you do not know my experience, but I was very much involved in the political process for many years believing that it was a way to retake America. I still for many years had hope that through the voting process we could save the world. But being in the middle of the mire I learned that it is all smoke and mirrors. I wasted much money time and effort and had shattered dreams. Through my experience I have learned see the "Red Flags" that confirm my suspicions on who are the NWO puppets.

1. First red flag is that no one gets on the ballot unless a useful NWO puppet.
2. Who are their friends and follow the money trail, if you can.
3. Who is promoting them.
4. What legislation have they voted on that is clearly fraudulent.
5. What legislation have they written and more importantly what have they not written.
6. How is the media treating them.
7. What they say, and do not say.

There has been two issues that have helped me see clearly which side many so called Christian men and groups are on. Those issues are abortion and homosexuality. There are many who clearly claim to be pro life and pro marriage yet behind the scenes are clearly pushing abortion and sodomy. Just look at Bush, he claims to be pro life and yet he appointed pro death judges in Texas and even named a highway after an abortionist. He has increased funds to abortion clinics and instituted the first ever government enforced futility policy. He could have stopped abortion an Executive Order on his first day in office. So Bush is not pro life, he just uses it as a political tool. He is not pro marriage either. During his reign, the "partial birth abortion ban" and the "Marriage protection act" were both fraudulent laws passed which did not save any lives or marriages.

So what is good for Bush must be good for Ron Paul. Ron Paul voted "Yes" on the "Partial Birth Abortion Ban" even though the law says to kill children at the naval. It was not a pro life law and it did not save one life. Ron Paul lied when he said that it would save babies lives. Ron Paul claims to be pro life yet as a doctor he knowingly hands out pills that he knows have an abortive side effect plus most probably will give the women breast cancer. You would think since Ron Paul know so much about the NWO that he would know who invented the "Birth control Pill" and for what reason and that he would expose them not go along with them. If Ron Paul was different than all the other politicians, why is he not different than all the other doctors? Especially all the other Gynecologists? My husband is a doctor and I know of real pro life doctors who would never hand out medicine of any kind that would have abortive measures included in them. Ron Paul does hand them out, I asked him personally on my show. He answered the same as any normal brainwashed doctor would answer today. Ron Paul should expose the reasons why these dangerous drugs are given, not act as if it is normal and good to give them out to women. Big RED FLAG! I confronted all my local Senators and congressman on why they voted to "kill children at the naval", all the while claiming to be pro-life. This is my editorial I wrote exposing all the lies on this fraudulent pro life law, my question is why Ron Paul did not expose this fraud but yet went along with all the other wolves in Congress.

The second issue that exposed the wolves in politics was the "Marriage Amendment". There is nothing more dangerous to marriage than the government getting involved and declaring what marriage is. What is amazing to me is that Ron Paul has clearly gone on the record claiming that government should stay out of most things, yet he himself co sponsored the Marriage Amendment, which for anyone with one ounce of reasoning skills, is the death nail to marriage as we know it. So again we see Ron Paul go along with the NWO goons and destroy marriage while pretending to save it. Below is my article I wrote on it, wonder why Ron Paul did not tell the truth.

Third and most importantly there is snare or trap being set to draw Christians into a third revolutionary war. To create a great chaos so that their ORDER could be justified. So they could justify the outlawing of Christianity. Using the term "Christian Terrorist" they could "detain" and even kill us legally. Many are teaching that it is our Christian duty to over throw this government. When in all reality that is just what the NWO goons are bating everyone to do. The trap is being set, Ron Paul is the bate. A puppet from the puppet masters. Through my experience in politics I have learned the game, Paul is playing the game. The Republican Party has gone so liberal that Ron Paul should not even run on a Republican ticket.

We should be able to tell a lot about him by those who are supporting him. There many Calvinists/Dominions racists and those who want to legalize prostitution.

Over the years RP has been writing newsletters which expose his point of view on many issues. He now claims that he did not write that which was in his news letters which bared his name. Folks, one would have to be willingly blind to believe this one. There is much willful blindness in this matter.

The real battle is not for a president (to save our country) it is for the soul of man that is in jeopardy of hell fire. The deception in the world is there to draw us away from the "TRUTH" to follow a man who will lead us to "victory" when in reality we are headed to Hell on a bob sled.

Follow no man, do not get on any band wagon, the snare is being set deceive us all. Many use our patriotism and desires for freedom to hook us. Turn to the Lord Jesus before it is to late, He is our only help in times of trouble.

Commentary by Kelly McGinley

Commentary by Kelly McGinley

I wrote these years ago long before I knew much about Ron Paul.
Blessings, Kelly

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