Free Energy and 9/11

"In the simplest terms, free energy is any energy that is provided by the natural world."



"Free energy" is where you can use some kind of technology to "get out more energy than you put in" (i.e. you apparently get the energy for free). Mainstream science rejects this idea on its face because it is said it breaks the laws of thermodynamics.

Cold fusion is one example where experiments show a small input energy can result, in certain circumstances, in a large energy output. The Hutchison Effect appears to be a related phenomenon. Free Energy can be used to remove all need for using fossil fuel technology and opens up antigravity technology and interstellar travel. In the 1980's, Ben Rich (now dead) the head of Lockheed Skunkworks (black projects) said at a dinner words along the lines of "We have the technology to take ET home". In 1961, President Eisenhower warned about the growing power of the military industrial complex.

I strongly contend that the 9/11 evidence shows that Free Energy technology has been turned into a weapon rather than being used to save the environment, end poverty and allow us to travel to the stars (it ties up neatly with all the other stuff I have been looking onto for the last 5 years). This is why I created - to hold lots of info related to all this stuff

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from The World of Free Energy
By Peter Lindemann, D.Sc.
March 1, 2001

"In the United States, and in most other countries around the world, there is a "money monopoly" in place. I am "free" to earn as much "money" as I want, but I will only be paid in Federal Reserve Notes. There is nothing I can do to be paid in Gold Certificates, or some other form of "money." This money monopoly is solely in the hands of a small number of private stock banks, and these banks are owned by the Wealthiest Families in the world. Their plan is to eventually control 100% of all of the Capital resources of the world, and thereby control everyone's life through the availability (or non-availability) of all goods and services. An independent source of wealth (free energy device) in the hands of each and every person in the world, ruins their plans for world domination, permanently. Why this is true is easy to see. Currently, a nation's economy can be either slowed down or sped up by the raising or lowering of interest rates. But if an independent source of capital (energy) were present in the economy, and any business or person could raise more capital without borrowing it from a bank, this centralized throttling action on interest rates would simply not have the same effect. Free energy technology changes the value of money. The Wealthiest Families and the Issuers of Credit do not want any competition. It's that simple. They want to maintain their current monopoly control of the money supply. For them, free energy technology is not just something to suppress, it must be PERMANENTLY FORBIDDEN!"

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MORE: Anomalies at the WTC and the Hutchison Effect


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