Update on the Cheryl Dunlap case

Please continue to pray for Cheryl's family. She and I met in Florida at Bible school a few years ago. This is a tragic story and past details can be read here.

CLICK HERE to read the most recent news on Cheryl Dunlap.

JUNE 26, 2008

Evidence listed in Hilton case

By Nic Corbett • DEMOCRAT STAFF WRITER • June 26, 2008


State prosecutors this week filed a list at the Leon County Courthouse of evidence collected and the names of 384 witnesses interviewed in connection with the December murder of a Crawfordville resident.

Gary Michael Hilton, 61, was indicted on charges of murder, kidnapping and grand theft in the death of 46-year-old Cheryl Dunlap, a Crawfordville resident who disappeared Dec. 1, 2007. Her body was found in the Apalachicola National Forest about two weeks later.

The lists were made available to the defense counsel and the public as part of the discovery process.

"Florida has a very liberal discovery policy, which means when we go to trial, when we do a case, basically there are no surprises," State Attorney Willie Meggs said. "The defense knows pretty much everything we know."

The list of evidence includes a surveillance video from Hancock Bank, bank records, DNA samples, Cheryl Dunlap's driver's license, a security tape from Wayside Farm General Store and other assorted items, according to court records.

Patty McCord, owner of Wayside General Store, 6310 Blountstown Highway, is listed as a witness, and her store's security tape and a breakfast order form is on the evidence list. But she said Hilton did not pass through her store.

"There was nothing they got off any of our tapes," she said.

Michael Hunter, a local alligator trapper whose name is on the witness list, said he was contacted by law enforcement after a tip was phoned in that he owned a camouflage-painted pickup truck. But he hasn't owned one for six to eight years, he said.

Leon County Sheriff's Office investigators were looking for the owner of a camouflage truck seen in a surveillance video that showed a man using Dunlap's ATM card at an undisclosed location on West Tennessee Street.

Delbert Redditt, a pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Madison, said Hilton showed up at his church last November to sit in the sanctuary during services. A church member gave Hilton leftovers from the church supper that night.

"He showed up and acted kind of weird," Redditt said.

One of the deacons later noticed Hilton's picture in the newspaper and recognized him.

Another witness on the list, Samuel Rael, is a lawyer and the producer of the 1995 independent movie "Deadly Run." According to media reports, Rael said Hilton, a former legal client of his, came up with the plot of the movie, which is about a serial killer who holds women captive in the woods.

Hilton was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Georgia hiker Meredith Emerson after he pleaded guilty Jan. 31. He is also a suspect in the deaths of an elderly couple in North Carolina.

He was extradited to Florida earlier this month and is in the Leon County Jail awaiting trial.

meemaw wrote:
6/26/2008 2:28:15 PM
"The lists were made available to the defense counsel and the public as part of the discovery process"
how does the public go about seeing the lists then?

6/26/2008 12:11:01 PM
The following is a segment of the GBI's interogation of GMH, enroute to the Atlanta Tract of The Dawson Forest WMA. The WMA contains 3 tracts: Atlanta, Amicacola, and the Wildcat Tract. Meredith's remains were located in the Atlanta Tract; Shoal Creek Rd. Amicacola, annd the Wildcat Tract. A new tract has been purchased in recent years; The Burnt Mtn. Tract. GMH, was eyewitnessed near the entrance to this new tract, while he held Meredith Emerson. I have found his residue there, but his primary den for years is located in the Wildcat Tract Primitive Campground next to the Amicacola Creek. The trees in his campsite tell the tragic story of his many victims... Wolfscratch

6/26/2008 12:09:28 PM
A serial killer with a script, how complicated is that?
Wolfscratch: may his many, many victims, rest in peace... Wolfscratch

6/26/2008 11:26:38 AM
GMH's potential victim list:
The following is a possible victim map of Hilton's: may they rest in peace...

6/26/2008 11:20:22 AM
Another witness on the list, Samuel Rael, is a lawyer and the producer of the 1995 independent movie "Deadly Run." According to media reports, Rael said Hilton, a former legal client of his, came up with the plot of the movie, which is about a serial killer who holds women captive in the woods.
GMH, and Associates, then release them in the woods and hunts them down like animals.

This is a preliminary map of GMH's potential victim list. He has been preying on innocent victims for decades IMO, and the list will grow rapidly with proper investigation of him and his associates. I am confident of this. His victims need to be revealed. They have been denied their Life, Liberty, and their pursuit of hapiness by this evil demonic: Serial Killer. They demand Justice, and their families and loved ones need closure...
Wolfscratch: til my dowsing rods point to me... Wolfscratch

6/26/2008 11:09:49 AM
Cont. from previous post:: GMH, was pasing himself off as a travelling Preacher. In the past he was emulating a two tour; Vietnam, Airborne Ranger. He never was assigned to Vietnam, instead he went to Germany. Was his next movie venture religious in nature? GMH, has 15 identical traits to Joshua, of the Old Testament. Was he emulating him in an evil way?
I have been backtracking GMH, in Wolfscratch Wilderness: Dawson Forest; WMA, GA , IMO, he has been serial killing for decades. GMH's words, "since I was 14 years old." He hd no victim profile: 11 year old Levy Frady; Dawson Forest, to 84 year old Irene Bryant; Pisgah Nat. Forest, NC...GMH, had no human emotions. He told John Tabor, "When I come off my meds, the demons come out in me."

Wolfscratch: GMH, told the mgr., at a trailhead shop on the AT, in North Carolina, and a SC; State Trooper, that he was a traveling preacher

6/26/2008 11:03:51 AM
The Movie: "Deadly Run", was produced by Samuel
Rael, who said that he knew GMH, was sociopath, but didn't know that he was violent. According to my info, GMH helped in the creative writing, handpicked the cast and crew, shoot locations, plot, name, and tutored the lead actor in the fine art of serial kiling. Rael, went through the GA
Film Comission, and formed a Corporation in Cleveland, GA. Samuel Rael ia an officer of the court: Attorney, and represented GMH, in several cases, one being Arson
There are many unanswered questions concerning this relatonship, that need to be investigated by the media How many movies did GMH , assist in, and was he working on one, that is related to his latest trail of terror? Did he have Associates, and if so, who were they?
A Serial Killer with a Script, How hard can that be?
Wolfscratch: continued on next post: Wolfscratch

6/26/2008 9:02:20 AM
Replying to supercop:
This looks like a fraction of the evidence against richard kelly Harte. Why did Meggs drop the charges so quickly on him - hmmm. What an embarasment. This guy is a scumbag, but so was Kelly Harte, Barbara is screaming for justice from the grave - Tallahasse Democrat, do your job and report that story
I also believe the Harte case deserves another review. How can you overlook blunt force trauma?
As was stated in a previous forum by A Warrior:

"Our local state attorney Willie Meggs has once again chosen to intercede and use (abuse?) his "prosecutorial discretion" to drop serious drug-related spousal abuse and murder charges brought against against a prominent local white businessman and political supporter".

6/26/2008 8:16:57 AM
This looks like a fraction of the evidence against richard kelly Harte. Why did Meggs drop the charges so quickly on him - hmmm. What an embarasment. This guy is a scumbag, but so was Kelly Harte, Barbara is screaming for justice from the grave - Tallahasse Democrat, do your job and report that story supercop

--- end ---

New Documents in Hilton Case

Last Updated: 11:55 PM Jun 25, 2008
Reporter: Blaine Tolison
Email Address: blaine.tolison@wctv.tv


There is no word yet on a trial date--but as time passes, the evidence is stacking up against Gary Hilton. "I think the evidence against him is pretty tough. The evidence shows, you know, not in favor of him at all." said local resident, Courtney Bates

The Florida State Attorney has made available a large amount of evidence surrounding Cheryl Dunlap's murder, including: an FSU Key Card, Dunlap's Driver's license, audio recordings of her telephone messages, bank surveillance video, DMV records, an ATM receipt and more.

Some residents think the state should not go to such great lengths wasting money on a trial at all--saying Hilton should have stayed in Georgia. "I know we've got laws to try for murder, but do we have to use them all the time, I don't know." said Joe Lama, a Tallahassee resident. Either way, the state attorney is pursuing the death penalty--whatever it takes.

"A lot of the evidence the public has already seen, but now we got to tie it to this defendant." said State Attorney, Willie Meggs. And that defendant-- Gary Hilton will continue to wait in the Leon County Jail until he goes to trial.

Among the witnesses listed in the new court documents are Cheryl Dunlap's sons, Michael and Jake Dunlap. State Attorney Willie Meggs says these demand for discovery documents will continue to be amended throughout the court process.

--- end ---

APRIL 15, 2008

Cheryl Dunlap honored in Crawfordville ceremony

By Nic Corbett • DEMOCRAT STAFF WRITER • April 13, 2008


Family and friends of Cheryl Dunlap gathered Saturday in Crawfordville to remember the late Sunday School teacher, nurse and mother of two.

A light spring rain nurtured a young live oak planted at Hudson park in Dunlap's memory. A nearby plaque was inscribed with Dunlap's favorite verse from the Bible: "They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor."

"It's an excellent tribute," said Lonny Frederick, who knew Dunlap from church. "It's one that will always be there. It's something where people can walk by and they can see it and remember her."

A co-worker, Melody Altomaro, said Dunlap touched the community in many different ways. She said she was a favorite among her patients.

"It is such a horrible tragedy," she said. "You never would have thought it would happen so close to home."

Dunlap's son, Jake Dunlap, attended the ceremony along with other family members. Carolyn Costello gave him an album she made filled with pictures of him and his mother.

Costello said she doesn't want people to forget what happened to Dunlap, her friend of 22 years. She wants others to learn from the tragedy so it doesn't happen again.

"We don't need to let this die out," she said. "This doesn't need to be the end of it."

Drifter Gary Michael Hilton was recently indicted by a Leon County grand jury on charges of murder, kidnapping and grand theft in Dunlap's death. He was convicted of killing Georgia hiker Meredith Emerson and named a suspect in the deaths of an elderly North Carolina couple.

"If it is him that did this, it has made it easier for women to feel better because he's not on the street," said Tina Brimner, victim's advocate for the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office.

After Hilton was caught, Georgia prosecutors agreed to a life term rather than the death penalty. In exchange, he agreed to show them where he left Emerson's body.

State Attorney Willie Meggs has made it clear that his office intends to seek the death penalty.

"They can use the Georgia murder case against him as an aggravating factor to seek the death penalty against him in Florida, so he's in a lot of trouble," said Baya Harrison, a lawyer whose expertise is in post-conviction death penalty cases.

Crawfordville residents have mixed feelings about what Hilton's fate should be.

"You hear some people say they hope he gets the maximum penalty, even if it means death," Frederick said. "But then you hear other people say it's wrong to take one life for another life."

Hilton remains at the maximum-security Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson, Ga. An order signed by a judge to extradite Hilton to Florida was filed April 3, but Hilton told the judge in a hearing at Lamar County Superior Court that he intends to fight it.

The judge refused to appoint Hilton a lawyer because extradition is a civil proceeding. Hilton has until April 23 to come up with legal representation or he will be extradited.

Meggs said he doesn't think Hilton will be successful in contesting the Florida arrest.

Both the State Attorney's Office and the Public Defender's Office have experienced lawyers, Harrison said. Assistant Public Defenders Ines Suber and Steven Been were appointed last month to represent Hilton.

When Suber represented a man who was convicted of killing Tallahassee police Sgt. Dale Green, she convinced the jury not to recommend the death penalty, Harrison pointed out. Green's killer, Coy J. Evans, was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences.

Suber declined to comment on the Hilton case.

A death sentence would mean an automatic appeal to the Florida Supreme Court. If the court affirmed the judgment and sentence, he could appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. He'd also have other avenues of appeal.

"It's a complicated, long drawn-out process," Harrison said.

Cheryl's granddaughter
Cheryl's son, Jake

Contact reporter Nic Corbett at (850) 599-2161 or ncorbett@tallahassee.com.

--- end ---

APRIL 4, 2008

Gary Hilton fights extradition to Florida in Cheryl Dunlap murder case



Gary Michael Hilton, who pleaded guilty to the murder of hiker Meredith Emerson in December, told a Lamar County, Ga., Superior Court judge Thursday that he would fight extradition to Florida.

He faces murder charges in the death of Crawfordville resident Cheryl Hodges Dunlap. Her body was found late last year in the Apalachicola National Forest in Leon County.

In a booming voice, Hilton told Judge Tommy Wilson he wished to contest the validity of his Florida charges and demanded a court-appointed attorney to help him fight extradition, The Herald-Gazette of Barnesville, Ga., reported.

Wilson gave him 20 days to file a habeas petition to challenge the Florida arrest. The judge denied the request for court-appointed counsel because habeas is a civil action and the state is not required to appoint counsel in a civil action.

Hilton pleaded guilty to the murder of Emerson.

Hilton was clothed in a standard white prison coveralls with blue trim and was shackled at the wrists and ankles. He wore a large wrap on his arm containing an electronic inmate control device.

A Department of Corrections officer hovered nearby, handling the remote for the unit which could have shocked Hilton had he misbehaved in court.

Hilton is being held at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Butts County.

Besides murder, he also faces charges in Florida of kidnapping, grand theft auto and grand theft.

Emerson was kidnapped while she was taking a New Year's Day hike in the north Georgia mountains with her dog, Ella, authorities say.

Investigators in North Carolina have also linked Hilton to the slaying of 84-year-old Irene Bryant and disappearance of her 80-year-old husband, John Bryant.

--- end ---

MARCH 29, 2008

Article: Man charged in Dunlap's death details killing of Georgia woman

There is also a transcript available of his interview by GBI. WARNING - GRAPHIC & DISGUSTING! http://www.11alive.com/news/article_news.aspx?storyid=113395

News video has clips of his confession:

Another Article: Inside the mind of a ruthless killer

Jan 19, 2008 Article: Accused Killer's Driving Record Gets a Local Man Fired

Blog Posts on Hilton:
Crime Rant
Rapid Eye Reality

--- end ---

MARCH 26, 2008
Memorial tree to be dedicated to Dunlap

By Nic Corbett • DEMOCRAT STAFF WRITER • March 26, 2008


A live oak has been planted at Wakulla County's Hudson Park in honor of slain Crawfordville resident Cheryl Dunlap.

A dedication ceremony for the living memorial is set for 11 a.m. Saturday, April 12. The U.S. Department of Forestry donated the tree, and the county Department of Parks and Recreation planted it earlier this month.

A plaque donated by the Gray family will be inscribed with Dunlap's favorite verse from the Bible: "They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor."

Ray Gray, director of Parks and Recreation and a Wakulla County School Board member, said Dunlap was an important member of the community who volunteered as a Sunday-school teacher and public-school assistant.

"She was one of those people you don't forget," he said.

County Commissioner Ed Brimner went to Wakulla High School with Dunlap. He said her "murder and abduction was just a shock to the whole community."

Dunlap, 46, a nurse at Florida State University, disappeared Dec. 1, and hunters found her body two weeks later in the Apalachicola National Forest. A drifter named Gary Michael Hilton, 61, has been indicted in her kidnapping and murder. He has pleaded not guilty.

The dedication ceremony coincides with National Crime Victims' Rights Week, April 13-19.

--- end ---

MARCH 19, 2007
Cheryl Dunlap with Dedication and Living Memorial


Community will Honor Cheryl Dunlap with Dedication and Living Memorial

cheryl hodges 2 75.gif

The Wakulla County Board of County Commissioners welcomes your attendance in celebrating the life of one of our own, Cheryl Dunlap. Please join us on Saturday, April 12, 2008 at 11:00 a.m. at Hudson Park in Crawfordville to remember this fine citizen that we dearly miss. A plaque, given by the Gray family, will be dedicated in Cheryl's honor.

Please call the County Administrator's office at 926-0919 or Parks and Recreation at 926-7227 for more information.

--- end ---


The following news article is alarming for several reasons but one is that mkultra mind control victims (i.e. Cathy O'Brien & Brice Taylor) talk about an evil sport called 'The Most Dangerous Game' in which they were taken to the woods and hunted like animals, much like the plot of the movie that Hilton worked on:

Hilton Helped With Murder Movie

Video Available

Gary Hilton is shown during a court appearance in Union County.

Reported by: Jerry Carnes
Web Editor: Michael King
Last Modified: 3/5/2008 11:56:08 PM

In an 11Alive exclusive, a Metro Atlanta attorney said he worked on a movie with the confessed killer of a Gwinnett County hiker. The film's plot: a serial killer who murders women in the north Georgia mountains.

The film was made in 1995. Fast forward to 2008 -- Gary Hilton has confessed to killing a hiker in the north Georgia mountains. He is also suspected in three other murders, each in National Parks.

Samuel Rael is not only a lawyer, he has also produced movies -- including one that went straight to video in 1995. The title: "Deadly Run." It's about a man who stalks and kills women in the north Georgia mountains.

Rael said Gary Michael Hilton helped him with the plot -- the same Gary Michael Hilton who has admitted he stalked and killed Meredith Emerson in the north Georgia mountains in January.

A bearded and much younger Gary Michael Hilton is pictured long before he would earn a reputation as one of Georgia's most notorious killers. In those days, Hilton faced a variety of criminal charges, like arson, theft and drugs. In those days, Hilton's lawyer was Samuel Rael.

"It was clear he was a sociopath," said Rael. "But I thought he had a very creative imagination."

In 1995, Samuel Rael the lawyer became Samuel Rael the movie producer. He wanted to make an action film about a killer. He said he shared his idea with Gary Michael Hilton.

"He was very enthused about that," Rael said. "And helped me outline the plot, the concept, and the ideas behind it."

Rael said Hilton was bubbling with suggestions for the plot.

"He had ideas of how we could do what we did, which was 'Deadly Run'," Rael said. "Having people let lose in the woods then hunted down like prey."

In the movie, the main character would meet women, then take them to the north Georgia mountains.

"He would have people tied up in a cabin somewhere in the mountains, and then let them go and see if he could catch up with them," Rael said.

Eighteen years after that movie was released on video tape, Gary Michael Hilton would admit to a real life murder in the Georgia mountains. He is now in prison, serving time for the kidnapping and murder of hiker Meredith Emerson, and a suspect in three other murders. Rael said that Hilton was never officially part of the production of "Deadly Run," but he claims that Hilton would stop by, and would even offer advice to the main character.

Rael said he and Hilton parted ways shortly after the release of the movie. The lawyer said he never imagined that the man who helped a fictional killer would wind up behind bars, a convicted killer.

"What got me is I always believe there are no coincidences in the world," Rael said. "This just seemed real coincidental. It just struck me."

It is striking to investigators as well. The agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation heading the Hilton investigation said he is interested in speaking with Rael about Hilton and "Deadly Run."

Agents are still busy looking into Hilton's past. Rael said he will help if he can.

While Hilton has not been charged, a North Carolina sheriff said there is no question Hilton killed two hikers there.

John and Irene Bryant disappeared in the Pisgah National Forest last year. Irene's body was found in November, John's body was found last month.

Detectives have collected enough evidence to bring charges, but whether the state or federal government will prosecute him is still being worked out. The murders happened in a national park.

Prosecutors in Florida have charged Hilton with killing Cheryl Dunlap. They said he kidnapped her and dumped her body in a Florida national forest outside Tallahassee. No details have been released on how Dunlap, 46, died.

--- end ---


Death Penalty Sought For Gary Hilton in Florida Hiker Murder

Atlanta, GA 2/29/2008 07:47 PM GMT

Prosecutors in Florida are seeking the death penalty for Gary Michael Hilton who has been charged with the death of hiker Cheryl Dunlap. He was indicted on charges of murder, kidnapping, and two counts of grand theft in Dunlap’s death last year.

Hilton, 61, is already serving life in prison for the murder of Georgia hiker Meredith Emerson in January of this year. He met Emerson hiking on New Years Day. After he confessed to her murder he led police to her decapitated body in North Georgia mountains in exchange for prosecutors not seeking the death penalty. He received life in prison in Emerson’s case.

Dunlap’s body was found in a Florida national forest. No details have been released on how the 46-year-old died. Authorities say Hilton was in the area at the time of the murder as a forestry agent ran his tag through police database.

Assistant state attorney William Meggs says Hilton is “very worthy of [the] death [penalty.] Prosecutors are hoping to have Hilton moved to Florida within the next few weeks to face the charges. The investigation is on going.

Hilton is also a suspect in the death of two North Carolina hikers. John and Irene Bryant disappeared while hiking in Pisgah National Forest. Their bodies were found in the forest.

reporter: befound@finditt.com


  1. The area of the Appalachians. where I live, and where GMH's primary den is located was labeled 'Wolfscratch', by the Cherokees. The only book that I have read since college is 'Wolfscratch Wilderness'; a walk back in time of this area. Unless of course, you count the 380+ pages of redacted pretrial evidence, in the Death Penalty Trial of Gary Hilton, for the abduction and murder of Cheryl Dunlap in Tallahassee, FL.

    I am confident that the books given to Cheryl Dunlap, and Meredith Emerson, by GMH, came from used book and thrift stores. GMH, had been eyewitnessed in the Jasper, GA Thrift Store on many occasions by volunteers/employees.

    I have had alot of times on my hands lately and thought I would go to the Thrift store and check out their selection of books. Of 3 shelves of books, 1 shelf was dedicated to 'Serial Killers'. I purchased several of the books. After researching the authors, I found that although the stories are fiction,(portrayed fictitciously for liability purposes) many are based on actual events, with consultants from Mental Institutions, LE, profilers, & Justice Officials, both retired and active.

    The last book that I read is tittled 'Mind Tryst', by Robin Carr. After reading the book, I inadvertantly opened the cover and saw where the books original purchase was made:




    ATLANTA, GA 30329

    (Clairmont Rd. is aprox 70 miles from the Jasper Thrift Store)

    This is Gary M. Hilton's old stomping grounds...Coincidence, maybe...

    Wolfscratch: Hershey says, "there are no coincidences'

    Gary Hilton: Misfit with a mean streak | ajc.com

    Gary Hilton was officially charged with the murder of hiker Meredith .... though Tabor let Hilton live at a building he owned on Clairmont Road
    Something that I noticed to be curious about the majority of the over 25 books purchased was that their copyright dates were from the 1980's to the late 1990's.
    Many of the books were of serial killers that were copycat killers of individual serial killers past.
    Gary Michael Hilton, had no victim profile, breaks all molds of serial killers profiled, changed hiis MOs, signature, and method of abduction.
    He was very creative and emulated a soldier on a perpetual manuever,
    as well as a 'Traveling Preacher', long distant hiker, and a kyaker.
    Another Novel from the thrift store: by Sallie Bissell: This killer is so evil, he wears the most deceptive face of all…. Legacy of Masks Ex-prosecutor Mary Crow didn’t expect a hero’s welcome when she returned ...Ex-prosecutor Mary Crow didn't expect a hero's welcome when she returned home to Pisgah County, North Carolina.
    Other books by Sallie Bissell: In The Forest of Harm
    Darker Justice
    Call The Devil by his Oldest Name....
    GMH: The Master of Emulation...

  2. richard kelley hart murdered his wife. He is a coke head. what about his kids? Do they know their father killed their mother?

  3. he confessed to me

  4. if I saw him when I was a stripper, does it count? I figured not.

  5. Regarding Richard Hart, I am not familiar with the case but found this: http://www.militarycorruption.com/HartMurder.htm

    And this

    It says he confessed to the murder.

    Very tragic.

  6. that is Not Kelley Harte Jr....that is who I am speaking of..here in Tallahassee. Willie Meggs let him go, they are friends...known violent cokehead KH got away with murder...JUSTICE for Barbara Harte...do you know ho I could obtain the 600 page police report?

  7. lookup Barbara Harte kelley Harte JR murder Tallahassee Willie meggs.

  8. http://blogs.tampabay.com/buzz/2009/05/ambler-sansom-innocent-meggs-has-agenda.html

  9. I want to expose this case.
    I am in school for Law.
    this case bothers me to no end

  10. Oh so sorry!!

    Found this April 20, 2007 article - right guy, yes?

    All Charges Dropped Against Richard Kelley Harte Announces The Law Offices of Don Pumphrey, Jr.

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- The Law Offices of Don Pumphrey, Jr. today announces that Mr. Richard Kelley Harte will be released from the Leon County Jail and all charges against him will be dropped in association with the death of his wife, Barbara Harte.

    Harte was released today at 12 p.m. and a news conference was held at 2 p.m. in front of the Law Offices of Don Pumphrey, Jr. located at 553 East Tennessee Street, across from Leon High School.

    "We are very pleased with the outcome of this case," said Don Pumphrey, Jr., Richard Harte's attorney. "Not only has the Harte family had to cope with the death of a mother and wife, but they have endured the wrongful prosecution of their father, Mr. Harte."

    Harte was charged with first-degree murder on March 7, 2007 in connection with the drowning of his wife. This case proceeded without the knowledge of State Attorney William N. Meggs. When Mr. Meggs was informed of the Harte case, he personally investigated the allegations in addition to the probable cause and determined that they were inaccurate and inadmissible. Previously, investigators from the Tallahassee Police Department consulted with Chief Assistant Robin Lotane (currently running for Leon County Circuit Judge) who unilaterally made a decision to approve the probable cause affidavit causing a warrant to be issued.


  11. If you haven't already, start a blog (it's free) and post everything you find to expose the lies and reveal the truth about this.

    Then post the link everywhere via youtube, facebook, twitter etc.

  12. I am in a small town. He has seen my face, and confessed when very drunk and high on coke. I knew he killed her before he told me to "impress" me? I need to blog protected...any ideas? He is a coked up mother of his children murdering madman., if his friend Willie Meggs was to find me...I might be dead next. This guy has money and power...I don't understand it, but it is true. I think most of her children and if she is aware they live with the man who killed her...defensive wonds, blunt force trauma, and drowned...big can of worms

    I am sorry if inappropriate. I found this doing a search about that.

  13. No worries... you can rest assure that the Lord will take care of the guilty!

    "For we know him that hath said, Vengeance [belongeth] unto me, I will recompense, saith the Lord. And again, The Lord shall judge his people. [It is] a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God."
    Hebrews 10:30,31

  14. In regards to your comments about my uncle, Kelley Harte, you should really read the toxicology of Barbie before you go accusing my uncle of murder. Society seems to favor women these days and just because my uncle was in the house at the time of her HEART ATTACK, does not mean he fatally attacked her. She obtained blunt force trauma to her head by swaying it back and forth, hitting whatever was in her way while under the influence of alcohol and cocaine. The bruises in her arms were obtained when my uncle pulled her out of the bathtub in a panic. Her lungs showed no signs of drowning, considering there was no water in them or her bronchial tubes. My uncle was also unable to ride in the ambulance with her but it is said that she died on the way to the hospital. All the investigators in this case investigated it as a murder. They wrongfully planted evidence and took unnecessary articles of clothing, jewelery, and other family belongings. If you only knew how much he misses his wife, but you wouldn't know about that because all you care about is proving that a coked up wife/mother is dead because of a murder? Oh, and the coroners even mentioned that her blunt force trauma was not enough to kill her. You need to understand that my aunt Barbie was under the influence of alcohol and cocaine while she was around us and her children. Everytime we went to visit, her actions became more and more drunken and disrepectful. My aunt, though she was a very loving and involved mother/wife/aunt, dealt with the issues of not being "perfect" by drinking, shooting up, and not eating because those were things that she thought she could control. I hope I may have influenced your opinions of my uncle, because your comments have influenced the man he is today and he has changed in a way that no one should ever have to.

  15. Oh, and by the way, to the person who said you heard my uncle confess and called him a murderous madman, I know you are the person who sold my aunt the cocaine and the only reason you said that about my uncle and needed protection is because you did not want her murder case to reveal your own sick secrets. Do us a favor and leave our family alone.

  16. not true. HE was ON COKE when HE told me that. I DO NOT DO COKE. Misses her? I bet. Thats why he does coke and calls escorts to his home, snorting coke in front of me with his kids home. Did they test HIM for drugs? Oh, yeah, she was apparently fucking the guy they both did coke with. Live in denial, this woman will never get justice..has he kept his addictions a secret this long? I am surprised.

    I may be a call girl, but I don't do drugs and I certainly don't lie about murder.

  17. I know Kelley from college years, and knew Barbie well. I am torn by this story, have seen behaviors in the past that were a bit scary...I would love to see a recent pic of him...is that possible?



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