Satan's Plan to Destroy Christianity

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No surprise here. Our Enemy has been working overtime to confuse, deceive, mislead and destroy Christians, Christianity and the Bible from the get-go.

Website: Witchcraft Exposed

The devil/Satan appears as an angel of light and is our adversary who walks about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Ours is a spiritual battle.

Ephesians 6: "Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

According to various things I've been reading, I am thinking the Todd Bentley Lakeland fiasco was all planned out. Here's my theory: Big money from demonic sources (Illumanti/Rothschilds/cfr/witches etc) set up this questionable 'Christian' (Bentley) and paid godtv to promote him with all his bizarre behavior along with their hypnotic music. Bentley and his meetings were embraced by the undiscerning and rebuked/exposed by true Christians. Then a pretty 'staff member' (probably a witch and part of the plan) led Bentley into a trap at a vulnerable moment. Why? To ultimately make Christians look like fools in the continued attempt to destroy Christianity. This is Satan's plan... but of course, not God's plan.

Back in the 70's, according to former witch John Todd, the illumanti spent 8 million dollars in two years to build Calvary Chapel (Pastor Chuck Smith) in Costa Mesa, California. They started Jesus Rock music. The reason for the 8 million dollars was to put rock music in churches that did not allow rock music. It's not what's sung on the tune, it's the music. I used to go to this church years ago.

John Todd speaking back in 1978:

(QUESTION: IS ROCK MUSIC AN OUTGROWTH OF WITCHCRAFT?)--YOU CAN'T PRACTICE WITCHCRAFT WITHOUT IT! Now when I was in there, I was president of the largest booking agency--they've had to change their name since then because of the publicity I've been giving them--but at the time they were called Zodiac Productions. I knew most of the rock groups in the united States--I still do. Some of my closest friends are like David Crosby from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, & Graham Nash & others that are around there, & I still talk to many of them.

MOST OF THE ROCK GROUPS ARE MEMBERS OF A WITCHCRAFT CHURCH. That doesn't mean they've been initiated, it means that's their religion, & when they do a song they'll ask the witch coven or the temple to cast a spell over that song so that it will become a hit & sell. Now what takes place when a witch casts a spell is they order a lot of demos to do things. They don't know that's what they do, but that's in essence what happens.

NOW THAT MEANS WHEN YOU GO BUY AN ALBUM & YOU TAKE IT HOME WITH YOU, IT'S LIKE BUYING A BOX OF CRACKER JACKS: YOU GET A FREE SURPRISE--IT'S CALLED A DEMON! It goes along with the record. Now much of the music is written in witch language by witches. Elton John has made the statement that he has never written a song or sung a song that was not written in witch language, example: "Beyond the Yellow Brick Road" is 100% witch language.

THAT'S WHY MANY SONGS, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. That's why many people who listen to them don't understand until they get high on drugs & then all of a sudden the meanings start coming to them. Many songs have been written in witch language such as the whole album by Carole King called "Tapestry."

THE BOOK OF PROPHECY TO WITCHES IS THE DOUBLE WHITE ALBUM THAT THE BEATLES PRODUCED containing the song "Helter Skelter." Every song in it is prophecy. Oh, let's see・"Horse with No Name", "One Tin Soldier", I could list thousands of songs that were written this way. They definitely have demonic influence behind them.

PARENTS, I WANT TO SAY THIS TO YOU, HAVE YOU NOTICED THE INCREASE OF REBELLION IN TEENAGERS IN THE HOME? The reason is, it's your fault.--You let them listen to it. It stirs up rebellion. It's not the words in the song, it's the music. Witches know it, they hit certain chords on purpose. As many people that have once been in hypnosis, like Dr. Berry when he was younger was involved in hypnosis can tell you. (See "Musical Key," No.326.)

THE MUSIC IS HYPNOTIC. IT STIRS UP A WAR-LIKE NATURE IN THE YOUNG PEOPLE. Now they're going to "boo" me when this is over, but it's still the truth anyway. Now if you want to have them stay the way they are & you want to baby 'em, because you're afraid they might get mad at you & run away from home or something, you go ahead & let them keep on playing it because they're going to do it anyway.

--OR YOU GO HOME & YOU BREAK THE RECORDS & YOU BURN THE COVERS! Now, when witches get saved, nobody tells them to get out of rock music. When they hand their Witchcraft items over to be burned--you notice I said burned, not just thrown in the trashcan, it's Scriptural--they hand their records over too, because they've lived a in a World of the supernatural & they know the supernatural is tied in with music.

NOW, THE MOST PERFECT DESCRIPTION OF LUCIFER THAT EVER EXISTED IS IN THE 28TH CHAPTER OF EZEKIEL on the King of Tyrus. It describes Lucifer being created with musical instruments imbedded in his body. It's true, as a person who has seen him, it's true. He thinks he's a god & therefore he must have music because gods must have music. (See also Isa.14:4-21.)

NOW YOU CAN GO AHEAD & LET HIS MUSIC BE PLAYED IN YOUR HOME IF YOU CHOOSE, OR YOU CAN BECOME A STRONGER CHRISTIAN & GET RID OF IT! You're the parents, the parents are the ones. The kids are not going to answer for it. (Inaudible question.) No, it would become an effect. It's strange because they wouldn't have gotten attacked without Christian help.

SEE, WITCHCRAFT NEVER SACRIFICES ANYTHING THAT THEY DON'T GAIN 10,000 MORE, & when they lost the battle on purpose in court with the Moonies, that set the stage for the Genocide Act. While we were yelling, "Yeah, get them out of those false cults & rehabilitate them!" we were setting the stage for our own downfall. You don't give up freedom to a certain group without losing it yourself. They've always set it up this way, & I'm always surprised at how easy Christians fall into it.

(QUESTION REGARDING ROCK MUSIC IN THE CHURCH:) YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT JESUS ROCK. I mentioned a church earlier that we spent 8 million dollars in two years to build in Costa Mesa, California. They started Jesus Rock music. The reason for the 8 million dollars was to put rock music in churches that did not allow rock music. It's not what's sung on the tune, it's the music.

--- end ---

The good that has come out of the Todd Bentley Lakeland fiasco is now we, the real believers, are more discerning and more cautious. I believe God allowed this to teach us and prepare us for when others come along with signs and wonders which the Lord Jesus Christ talks about in Matthew 24.

May we always be ready, watching and praying while obeying His Word. Jesus tells us in Luke 10, "I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven."


Anonymous said…
Oh my GOD. Get a grip on life, and on GOD, will you! This is laughable. Check the facts. You're wrong! Everything here is pure nonsense.
True Christians? I'm glad God never called us to live in the way that you are espousing. I make it a point not to spread gossip and lies. I check sources. I hope you get help.

Satan is not going to destroy Christianity. That is if God has anything to say about it.

There is Freedom and Liberty IN Christ!
Anonymous said…
How can so many be deceived by so few. You should all open your minds and watch Richard Dawkins latest videos and your life will all make perfect sense with no need to refer to any old book written by a load of control freaks. May your DNA live forever.
Anonymous said…
I'm shocked that a soo called Christian actually took the Lords name in vain in her/his opening comment. I'm glad to that you feel that you are not a gossip nor a lier. However you may try actually checking out a few sources rather than lashing back because something doesn't fit your wordly point of view. Yes we have freedom in Christ but if you actually studied the scriptures and not just the feel good ones you would know that it has been written that we are to live godly upright lives free from the pollutants of the world. That includes ungodly demonic sounding music. Ancient tribes and witch doctors still use a "rock beat" with certain rythems to conjure up spells and perform powerful demonic signs and wonders. Yes we have freedom in Christ, but it is also written that in "the last days evil men would turn the grace of our Lord into lewness" (in other words give licience to live and indulge in the same things the worldly heathens do)
Christ NEVER gave us permission to do what we feel like. We have "liberty" from the old law, in that sense we are free in Christ. However you are bought and paid for with a heavy price. You are not your own, you belong to Christ if indeed you are His. Jesus said "All those who choose to live godly will be persecuted" We are not to live like the world. It seems you have been bewitched by a soo called angel of light. Hells flames are closer than you think. Repent and be truly born again.
Anonymous said…
Satan's true plan to destroy Christianity is to get people to believe in crap like the "Rapture" and all the garbage on websites like this one - "witchcraft in rock music!?!", "popes and Jesuits taking over America!?!?!" . . . I'd be laughing except I know the authors of this drivle really believe it's true. never have read a more fear-mongered, paranoid, schizpohrenic compilation of writing than on this blog . . . I don't know even know how I got to this page, but I couldn't let it go with making a comment - a plea to return to sanity! Abandon hope all ye who believe garbage like this. Turn off GodTV and the Harvest channel and come back to true Christianity. Save the Liturgy, Save the World.
Anonymous said…
It doesnt take a PhD to know that Rock is one of Satan's vehicle to draw people (especially the teens) away from the True way of life, which is believing in the Messiah Jesus Christ. His sacrifice allowed us to be justified in God's eyes. Rock music is from the flesh so is enemy of the godly things.

And you can see the world is not seeking God, but its own pleasures.

I hope Christians wake up so, and see that many churches are apostates.

People now just want to hear the fell-good Gospel and leaving the part that requires us to despise the things of the spirit of this world aka Satan.

But people even Christians think they can compromise with the world, they think it's OK, because they have been taught so by false teachers. But it's not OK, and you might loose a lot by compromising.
Anonymous said…
the big plan to destroy chrestianity is the unity of the muslims, and this is the future of christians
Cathy said…
It is bigger than that in my opinion.

Pls listen to Zeph Daniels tell his story which I posted last night:

May the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified in His people today I pray.

Jesus said…
Christians already destroy Christianity by behaving the wrong way that most of them behave. Satan doesn't even have to do anything at all.
Anonymous said…
Most of what has been told by John Todd has also come true, and he did sit on the council of 13 of the REAL Illuminati, aka "The Family" They murder and rape children. These people are Godless and evil. You better understand what goes on. They bleach our system like wildfire.