World News Updates

Tuesday Aug 12, 2008

Blackwater Makes Rifles!
Don't know what to get your significant other for Christmas? How about a Blackwater rifle? In an e-mail message circulated this week, private security contractor Blackwater USA announced its latest foray into the world of weapons manufacturing:

Why beaming messages to aliens in space could destroy our planet
Thanks to the foolish antics of a downmarket TV company and a website favoured by self-obsessed teenagers, planet Earth could be in for a nasty shock towards the end of this century.

Fifth Annual National Preparedness Month Coming in September:
The US Department of Homeland Security announced in July that more than 1200 national, regional, state and local businesses and organizations -- including several Amateur Radio groups --......

Russians seek wisdom, powers, peace of the mysterious pyramid
You can see it from miles away, looming over the birch forests and wildflower fields and construction sites crammed with future dachas for Russia's rich and ruthless.

UFO sightings in UK this year reach 150
So far this year 150 apparent 'flying saucers' have been reported to police, military bases and the Ministry of Defence, compared to just 135 for the whole of 2007, and 97 the year before.

Attorney: 'DC Madam' left instructions if 'ever found dead of apparent suicide' By Lori Price
Exclusive: Citizens For Legitimate Government has learned that Deborah Jeane Palfrey's lawyer, Montgomery Blair Sibley, has intervened to stop a lawsuit seeking to prevent the Tarpon Springs, Florida, Police Department from releasing information requested by Sibley pertaining to the investigation of Jeane's death.

Did U.S., Israel Provocateur S. Ossetia Conflict? Does the Sun Come Up in the Morning?
Dead civilians in South Ossetia. But you will not hear much about it on CNN or Faux News. Because they are too busy reporting ad nauseam about the extramarital shenanigans of CFR darling John Edwards.

Science close to unveiling invisible man
Invisibility devices, long the realm of science fiction and fantasy, have moved closer after scientists engineered a material that can bend visible light around objects.