Chemtrail Photos from Scotland

Received an email from Roger in Scotland who sent the following photos:

Below is Roger's email, (He referenced another blog I have called Sonoma Chemtrails) - thanks so much Roger for the amazing photos and for your kind words of encouragment.

May the Lord Jesus Christ lead us both unto all truth I pray!



Got your email wrong so this failed. I didn't know about the Sonoma Chemtrails site so here's another beauty for you which Clifford Carnicom said he wanted to use but did not. This concerned a well publicised military exercise and about 6 weeks later I became ill with a highly debilitating flu. Never had anything like it before. It lasted at least 6 months but I still seem to have a cough. What Clifford had to say was he had never been able to get circular chemtrails like this which demonstrated targeting.

Personally I would not be surprised if I were a victim of weapon testing as 6 weeks later I had no energy for several weeks to even get out and paint my home which was what I was doing at the time.

God bless.

Subject: YOUR SITE
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 14:46:34 +0000

Hi Cathy

Just a note to say I have enjoyed reading your site and hope to return. What I wanted to say was nice to find a sis who is switched on. The whole thing gets complicated when you start to get into the Billy Graham thing and to be honest I have spoken to his daughter Ann having listened to her and she seemed real sincere. Guess that's why I put it to others not to put faith in people. What a wicked world we live in.

I found you having you tube searched "Chemtrails x marks the spot" so am sending you a photo I snapped a couple of days ago in not so bonnie Scotland as I sit yet again under a grey chemical sky.

Please feel free to put this photo on your site. The vertical chemtrail is roughly following controlled airspace known as an airway. The horizontal chemtrail just should not be there. The two aircraft passed at exactly the same point and would have collided if at the same altitude. Frankly as this occurred in Class A controlled airspace (unless it was above FL245 - something I need to look into) such should not have occurred and was clearly deliberate.

Given He returns on the clouds I have to submit this was a cross of a different sort. (As well as fake clouds.)

As you know, you are on the right road now but then the truth is that we travel on a journey that was accomplished before we set out.




  1. "The two aircraft passed at exactly the same point and would have collided if at the same altitude. Frankly as this occurred in Class A controlled airspace (unless it was above FL245 - something I need to look into) such should not have occurred and was clearly deliberate."

    Class A airspace (at least in the USA starts from 18,000 feet up to 60,000 feet. These aircraft were obviously in class A airspace, and close encounters occur like this quite frequently. As you claim this should "not have occurred and was deliberate" shows your inexperience to aviation and their associated air traffic rules. Furthermore it shows that you are definitely NOT a pilot, so you should not make claims to things that you don't know about, especially when viewing from 5 miles below. I've crossed more aircraft making contrails (while we were too) and have held in circles at 38,000 feet making contrails for several years. Perhaps you should ask someone in the profession if these are normal, instead of making your own claims. You might surprise yourself that this happens all the time across the world.

  2. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for your interest. It is of no relevance whether I am a pilot or not.

    Secondly the controlled airspace was limited, I recall, to FL245. Being a narrow airway, traffic was operating generally in a north/ south direction only. There was no reason for the "horizontal" flight unless such was a deliberate military exercise.

    If you are working for the government you are doing a very bad job.

    Close encounters of this nature, if below FL245 should be classed as a near miss and would require investegation as an air prox.

    Perhaps you might justify your empty allegation as to why I should "not make claims that" I "don't know about, especially when viewing from 5 miles below" unless of course you are volunteering to answer my point which as I stated I required to investigate.

    At least I both viewed such and photographed such, albeit after the event. I take it you are viewing such not from 5 miles but from several thousand miles away!

    The point is that I know what I am talking about in that there are no holding patterns at this location.

    Your arguement might be seen to hold water in busy areas of the US but this post refers to an isolated part of Scotland which has no such traffic.

    Why not save us the trouble and just make your post simple:

    "My name is Ryan: I am a complete knob and I don't know what I am talking about!You might find me wasting my time at contrail science with other such loosers."

    Otherwise if you think you have an aguement please do your research first or otherwise make your criticism clear.

  3. May I make a further comment:

    ICAO Class A airspace can start at 3,000ft. This varies from location to location.

    Class B is above FL245 (above 24,000ft).

    According to Ryan Class A is fixed from "18,000 to 60,00ft."

    In the case I refer to the controlled airspace begins at 8,500ft.

    Ryan clearly has no idea of what he is talking about or put it this way God forbid he ever pilots an aircraft to the UK.


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