The American Cancer Society Rip-Off

Today, I received an email about a local event to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

I'm sorry, but I can not promote this cause and the following links explain why:

American Cancer Society (ACS)
"We have had 50 years of American Cancer Society (ACS) brainwashing on the question of cancer, so most people out there believe we are making progress in

The American Cancer Society Is Threatening the National Cancer Program
Samuel Epstein charges the American Cancer Society (ACS) with forging a questionably legal alliance with the federal Centers for Disease Control

American Cancer Society: This Carcinogenic World According to ...
Elmer Bobst credits himself with bringing the 1950 study by Wynder and Graham to the attention of the American Cancer Society, and instigating its first

Unhealthy Charities by Professor James Bennett.
By the way, you know the American Cancer Society prefers to think that you ... In any event, about every year the American Cancer Society collect around a

The Depths of Deceit Mammography by Barry Lynes
The mammography policy pushed by the American Cancer Society to fill its bank ... Mammography was the American Cancer Society's ".sacred cow" (cash cow) and

Carolyn Dean MD, ND
It is not just the old American Cancer Society with a million volunteers going from door to door in their neighborhoods. It's corporate America “partnering”

The "Pink" Fraud - Brought to you by the people who make Breast ...
It is sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, and over a dozen other medical, governmental, and professional organizations.

Seeing Deception is Your Only Protection. The Breast Cancer ...
A tune reiterated in 1997 by the American Cancer Society who also announced that "there ... The American Cancer Society was founded with the support of the

Colon Cancer
Do the physicians leading the American Cancer Society have strong economic ties to the cancer industry in the form of patents, stock options, and consulting

The Vitamin D Newsletter December, 2007 Does vitamin D prevent cancer?
This time, the press passed on the story and the American Cancer Society was mum, ... Do the physicians leading the American Cancer Society have strong