Columbine's 10 Year Anniversary: More Questions than Answers


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Columbine: Was it a MkUltra Black Op?
We all know about the basic problems with the official story of Columbine. The hundreds of eyewitnesses who say that there were more than two shooters. The ridiculous idea that two people brought over 100 bombs into Columbine. The bizarre presence of NATO, MI6, NSA, CIA, FBI, and Military personnel. The fact that there was controversy over whether SWAT teams actually killed six of the victims. The SWAT stand-down. Donna Taylor telling Eric Hufschmid that the government is killing eyewitnesses and told others to keep quiet. The fact that observers were at the scene watching the school before it happened. The fact that a phone call came into a local hospital from a special government line warning of the massacre before it happened. The fact that a military-grade explosive with a mercury switch was found in the school.

Clearly, a black op. But did it have to do with MKULTRA?

The Plattsburgh Press-Republican reports that Eric Harris lived on the U.S. Air Force base in Plattsburgh for most of 1993 to 1996. There he played Little League baseball, went to birthday parties, fit in well at Stafford Middle School and was part of the school crowd.

Only one problem.. Plattsburgh AFB closed down in 94-95. What was going on in 1996? Covert activity, that's what. From what I've read, Plattsburgh AFB was linked to Ewen Cameron in the 1960s. Ewen Cameron was the head of major psychiatric organizations and is guilty of assisting the CIA in numerous mind control experiments.

Eric Harris' father worked in secret weapons development programs. Once you work in a program like that, the government owns you for life.

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Mind Controlled Killers: What happened at Columbine High School?