Why I left Brownsville and FIRE Ministries

Notice in this Brownsville poster from 2000 what pops out of the advertisement: a satanic upside-down cross with a sword that is piercing the Bible. In satanic circles, the upside-down cross symbolizes mockery and rejection of Jesus Christ. Satanists wear necklaces with upside-down crosses.

I should have known better.

The things I saw and partook of while attending Brownsville Assembly of God Church and ministry school in Pensacola, Florida, as well as FIRE School of Ministry, an offshoot, are not mentioned in the Scriptures. Now I see the danger of this.

Around 1997 while living in Atlanta, Georgia, I began visiting Brownsville on a regular basis and moved there in 2000 to attend their Bible School. From 2002-2005 I lived in Berlin, Germany, as a missionary with FIRE International.


The Lord began to open my eyes to the deception I was under and within in a few short weeks, I pulled out and returned to the USA.

My continual prayer is that the Truth be revealed, the lies be exposed, the deceived wakeup, the sinner repent, the lost get saved and that the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified!

ARTICLE from International Coalition of Apostles - author unknown(link):


Probably no one helped prepare the church world for this deception better than those who teach the Fourth Dimension do. Tricia Tillin describes one author and his ideas in an excellent publication from the UK. "Paul (David) Yonggi Cho teaches the same thing. In the Fourth Dimension he tells of his frustration that Buddhist monks and yogic healers could perform miracles. Then the Holy Spirit supposedly revealed to him that the fourth dimension, the spirit realm, is available to all whether Christian or not, for it contains both good and evil powers. `So men, by exploring their spiritual sphere of the fourth dimension of visions and dreams in their imaginations, can brood over and incubate the third dimension (the material world) influencing it and changing it.' This applies to all men alike. Because God gave man dominion over the earth, says Cho, unbelievers can `develop their inner spiritual being' and change the material world. Thus Christians also have the responsibility to `realize their inner potential' and manipulate the fourth dimension for good. (Mainstram, Winter 1994, p.11. Banner Ministries, UK)
Is that why God told Adam that he would be earning his bread by the sweat of his brow? Paul (David) Yonggi Cho was raised a Buddhist and apparently still teaches it with the help of the Bible.

This subject brings Oral Roberts to mind also. We were in his annual Conference for Charismatic Ministries in 1993, 1994 and Oral stated to my dismay: "Visualize yourself in front of an audience of unlimited numbers and your dream will be fulfilled." He was talking Buddhist's notions.
That spirit realm is the realm of fallen angels who chose to follow Satan and were removed from God's presence. Ken Copeland teaches this nonsense too. He states that we should place our desires into this realm and the spirits will run to fulfill our needs by contacting and influencing humans into fulfilling the desire of a boat, a car or some other material object.

What people don't realize is that it is a completely selfish lifestyle and places those who don't use the psychic, demonic realm at a disadvantage. They are being had.

The other side of the coin is that the person using demons to do their bidding is not paying for the merchandise, which means they are basically stealing it unwittingly from unsuspecting victims. In example in Copeland's sermon he bragged about an incident when he wanted a boat. He said that he placed his desire in the spirit realm and had several offers from the congregation he was talking to send him a boat free as a gift. I don't care what: but the boats have a monetary value, which was not paid for. The giver was influenced by the spirit realm to donate the boat. The giver was minus an asset at that point, which was not paid for. The receiver received value for nothing in return. Isn't that stealing out of people's pockets?

"Behind much of this present deception and/ or confusion is the new prophetic view of Jesus Christ and His coming. Only a few short years have passed since the dominant message in the Evangelical World was the "imminent Rapture before the Great Tribulation." Even those who held to a mid- or post-tribulation view were very close in spiritual kinship to the pre-trib view and its proponents.

"A deep bitterness now exists toward the traditional view of prophecy. This new breed of prophets and spokespersons is preparing for all out war to take the kingdom by these psychic powers. Paul Cain says that there will be an army, called Joel's Army, and that God will equip them to perform His judgment. In the book, `Some Said It Thundered,' the Kansas City Fellowship is identified as the location for training this army.

"By the time Paul Cain arrived in Kansas City the fellowship was well settled into their new meeting place at the Grandview Worship Center. Paul immediately recognized the location from the crossroads outside as the place which the Lord had showed him many times (possibly twenty over many years) as a spiritual training center for the soldiers of Joel's army that God was raising up for the coming revival.

"`Many years ago,' said Paul, `I came to the crossroads of life and I saw a vision of an illuminated billboard on which was written: "Joel's army in training." It was on these crossroads with an arrow pointing to this spot - though there was no building on it then! I believe God has shown me that here he is going to raise up an army. This army is not a destructive army but a deliverance army.. " (Some Said It Thundered, David Pytches, p. 132) His idea of deliverance is not the traditional loving idea. It's "bow or burn" that these men are talking about.

"Roger Forster wrote in a foreword to the book, `Territorial Spirits', "These structures [territorial principalities] will be refurbished with a whole new personnel. The final overthrow of Satan's rebellious colonial government by the central government of God is preceded by the faith-sons of Abraham bringing blessing to all the families on the earth. This demands territorial claims and advance through the earth." "Eventually, this resistance movement can provide sufficient numbers of trained personnel to take over the authority and administration of the colony from Satan and his angels, given the least amount of disturbance to the heavenly structural powers.. until such a network of resistance against Satan is found all over the earth, the Second Coming of our Lord is held up and his total reign restrained." (Mainstream Spring, 1994 p.10)

"Cindy Jacobs: "Today's praying church is rising up in militant force to possess the Promised Land or our nations."

"John Dawson: "There is not one reason why we, the Church, should concede one square inch of this planet to the government of territorial spirits. This is our planet.

"Francis Frangipane: "All spiritual warfare is waged over one essential question: who will control reality on earth - heaven or hell?.. We must see that our prayers, attitudes and agreement with God are an integral of establishing the reality of the kingdom of God on earth!" (Mainstream, Spring 1994, p.10)

"Rick Joyner, probably one of the cleverest writers of this new breed, says the following,
"The church is at war. This war will not end because we do not like it, or we do not want to fight. Fortresses of darkness are being raised up in all directions - in government, schools, business, entertainment, in our neighborhoods - they are even being raised up in the church!.. Even so, as improbable as it may seem at this time - we have the enemy surrounded! The church is about to win her greatest victory. This is her finest hours - the retreat is over and the advance is about to begin." ".. This generation has been called to carry the banner of the Lord into the greatest epic battle of all time. The last day church has been given one of the greatest privileges that has ever been bestowed by God upon men - to be on the field of battle for the ultimate confrontation between light and darkness." (Epic Battles of the Last Days, Rick Joyner, p.13) (56)
C. Peter Wagner announced his June 2000 Global Harvest Conference at Calvary Temple, Indianapolis: "The Future War of the Church." He states change and conflict abounds throughout the earth, but the Lord has a remnant leadership. "Future War" brings the apostolic, prophetic, deliverance and intercessory giftings together to activate His Church to rise up and war - to see His purposes established. Come discover warfare strategies to overthrow the enemies of His Kingdom. Moving the army of God to the front-line: Mark & Betsy Neuerschwander, Jim Chosa, Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce, Bill Hamon, Kimberly Daniels, Jim Eckhardt.

What we don't know is that all this movement is movement into the arms of the pope. We had a letter from Cape Town, South Africa. They seem to be running slightly ahead of the agenda that is being divulged to our "Christians". "We have been reading your newsletter again.. things are happening so fast - The mayor of Cape Town has invited all ministries for a get together for - George Otis [who was part of "Transformer" video]. I know nothing of the man but the same mayor was at "All Religions Parliament" on same platform with Dalai Lama, Peter Wagner's Spiritual Warfare & Global Unity Evangelization. Taking cities is becoming "big" in our church. It's very frightening indeed. All these people want (many of our leaders) is dominion and authority over the devil. The one man gives a "cross teaching" but the whole point is that Jesus died to give us authority over the devil. As Benny Hinn says: "When you are in Holy of Holy's Satan cannot get to you." Every teaching points to the devil, very little on the Person of Jesus. My pastor teaches that in the three hours of darkness - Jesus was attacked by Satan and demons on the cross - I don't believe this."

She continued on another Sunday the devastating news that I wanted to share: "In tonight's service I saw a whole church being led into the most dire deception - I was so upset - This visiting preacher preached on unity God wants us into. He asked if the church believed we can be reconciled with the Roman Catholic Church and when the people said, "no!" He said we don't believe the Bible for God said we should be one. He simply went on and on and then he said our political leaders (TuTu by name) have called us into unity and we would not heed them - You know who TuTu is? In the end he had them all in little groups repenting for the sins of our forefathers and asking God for forgiveness for rebellion and hard hearts. They are to get out of their comfort zones go out in warfare and take back what Satan has stolen - The City of Cape Town belongs to God. They must break the strongholds and bind the strong man. Peter Wagner's name was mentioned over and over.

"I was devastated and many are beginning to realize that there is a problem. They come to me for information and you are such a help."

What we are noticing is that pastors without much notice to the congregation leave their flock claiming that they were called by God to a different calling. The fact that it was supposedly God leaves them of course in good standing with the flock. So what happens next. The congregation is being subjected to traveling evangelists of different denominations. Baptists, for instance, are usually not going from church to church evangelizing. So they end up inviting evangelists who do nothing but that and gradually expose the flock to the new moves.

A case in Michigan, Pastor Wayne Benson, who was exposed to Steve Hill and John Kilpatrick previous to this resignation, after 25 years of fruitful ministry at the First Assembly of God in Grand Rapids, Michigan, gave 90-day notice that he was quitting his congregation. Where are they going they were asked: "God only knows, we'll go where He says to go.." Pastor Benson was so successful that his church grew from 250 to 5,000. In fact thousands came to Christ through his outreach.

What we hear when we ask, "What is happening? Have you found a new pastor?" "No, a Pastoral Search Committee is reviewing names of candidates and a two thirds majority is necessary to elect a senior pastor. They have had ninety days to find someone already.. It will probably take more time then usual to replace a good pastor due to inexperience with this process and Satan will try everything under the Sun to keep this church open to outside influences.

Why did this happen to Pastor Benson? What would make him forfeit his eventual comfortable retirement in a satisfied congregation? Pastor Wayne Benson described his experience in a service with Steve Hill and John Kilpatrick: "When Steve Hill and John Kilpatrick started to anoint me with oil, they double over (probably the stomach spasms [also called `crunchies'] related to the phenomena and shouted `the anointing!' I collapsed. I felt like the three of us were swirling around the room like the vortex of a whirlpool. They later walked out of the office. I felt as though my body was being pulled apart. It was as though my body was being stretched out of shape beyond measure. I asked. `What does this mean Lord?' The Lord answered I'm just crucifying your flesh.' I opened my eyes and the first thing I looked at were my hands because they were tingling with the power of God." [Lamb Light First AOG Pub. Grand Rapids MI June 30 1996]

Cathy Wood related a similar manifestation. She is a long time member of Brownsville AOG and the official photographer. She describes her experience in these terms: "I cannot possibly explain but it was like a bolt of lightning hit me and I hit the wall and slid down it and shook and jerked uncontrollably for I don't know how long. It took my breath away and I was taking DEEP gasps over and over. As each breath came in, my head would jerk to the back. I was being filled with a fresh anointing of the Holy Ghost. This continued all the way home. Have no idea how I drove. I would start wailing. Oh! I just love being filled with the Holy Ghost. He said before he prayed for us that God wanted us to be filled with the Holy Ghost even to the point of being drunk. God can use a person filled to overflowing with New Wine. [Cathy Wood Reports, Pensacola, Internet, July 14,1996]

The common denominator in these manifestations is the fact that they are uncontrollable. This is instructive because Paul says the manifestations of the Holy Spirit are controllable for the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophets (1 Corinthians 14:32)

Second these manifestations mentioned come from outside a person. It is an external force supposed to be the Holy Spirit that "hits" (to use Hill's words) the person. Because of the Kilpatrick sees this as a sovereign work of the Spirit. The Spirit "shows up" and the way they know he shows up is the sudden arrival of the manifestations. Finally for Pentecostal readers it is significant that healing, tongues and interpretation, and prophecy are virtually non-existent. In fact during ministry team's prayer and tongues are not allowed. Herb Babcock who was a long time member at Brownsville and on the prayer teams for at least 30 meetings testified "While on the prayer team, we were instructed to not pray in the name of Jesus. We were told to not pray for the needs of the people. The only thing we were to do was touch people on the forehead and say, "More Lord" and keep repeating that until there was an "impartation" of the Spirit."

The shaking and jerking, violent convulsions are referred to as the "gift of intercession". There is no such gift in the New Testament. They use Old Testament Scriptures to defend the phenomena. Deep Bowing, Heavy Weeping and Crying uncontrollably at times when there is no reason for it. Laughing they say is good medicine. Being Still and Solemn and Unable to Move which Kilpatrick sees as the "glory". Your body feels heavy; God is putting in you an anointing for service. It is also called frozen in spirit. This reminds me of a video that I have of Benny Hinn when he first started his ministry. He related the story of this female servant who was in a catatonic state for days, just stood there and could not move. Kenneth Hagin relates those stories repeatedly. In Kilpatrick's meeting a cataleptic state where suddenly while in motion one becomes frozen unable to move for hours. "I have heard of this in stage hypnotism but someone help me find a verse in Scripture," writes Orrel Steinkamp, publisher of Plumbline Ministries.

Pastor Steinkamp goes on to say: "As an AG pastor, for over 25 years I am concerned at the seeming inability of some (many?) in leadership to apply the standard of scripture. My experience with a majority in leadership (I have served on District Presbyteries for more than ten years and also on the Board of Regents of two AG colleges) is that most give assent to the scripture being our all-sufficient rule of faith and practice, but they don't see any conflict in accepting the validity of any experience that is outside of that standard. THEY JUST DON'T SEE ANY CONTRADICTION.

My friends would say that they absolutely believe, accept and practice the 16 statements of fundamental truth (in fact, we are required to annually renew our credentials by signing our agreement). But there is this tension.. The tension is between having the Holy Spirit reveal truth to you and having the Scripture reveal truth to you. Many leaders and many people I have pastored have stated to me that my heavy reliance upon "the Scripture being our all-sufficient rule of faith and practice" means that I am less "Pentecostal" or less dependent upon the Holy Spirit.

"In fact some have suggested that "the letter killeth, but the Spirit give life" and then it is implied that my reliance upon Scripture brings death. Others imply that a heavy reliance upon Scripture make me like a Pharisee.. I have had friends tell me that I am too analytical. I have had one man I pastored tell me that I was too biblical.. My position on the relationship between the Scripture and the Holy Spirit was read by George Wood at the 1001 General Council "We are measuring everything by the Word, EVERY EXPERIENCE must measure up with the Bible.. the Spirit does not go where His word does not go." .. I'm convinced that many who subscribe yearly to the 16 tenants regarding Scripture as all-sufficient rule of faith and conduct just don't know what it means.

"In a recent discussion at a district Presbyters meeting reported on a website, there seemed to be concern over a Brownsville AG deliverance manual (p.16) which taught how to deliver Christians from inhabiting demons. This is in opposition to a denominational position paper. The district superintendent then made the following statement: "Now, brethren we know John 21 tells us that if all Jesus said and did were recorded, the earth would not contain the books. So we do not know, it may be Jesus Himself taught and practiced what this manual teaches."

If this is true all we really have is an undetermined, unwritten and ever expanding canon of scripture to which anyone can imaginatively appeal.. We must all affirm that all of God's truth necessary for doctrine and experience is found in Scripture. If not we can never know what is from God or is from man." (57)

MORE on Cephas Files: International Coalition of Apostles

--- end ---

And here is a clip of Allison Ward with 'Pastor' Kilpatrick at Brownsville. This was shown to me before I went and it should have been a BIG RED FLAG - I have no one to blame concerning my involvement by myself.

source April 4, 2009 UPDATE by Cathy Palmer BACKGROUND In the late 1990's while living in Georgia, a friend told me about a church she visited in Florida, saying it was life changing. I along with different friends over the next couple of years, began to visit the Brownsville Assembly of God Church in Pensacola. Then at the end of 1999, I quit my job, moved to Pensacola, Florida, and attended the Brownsville School of Ministry. I loved it and even though there were things with which I didn't agree, I stayed with it. After the first year, there was a problem and the school president was fired. From this event, came a new school, FIRE School of Ministry, where I finished my 2nd year and from which I graduated in 2002. Then I became a missionary with FIRE International and moved to Berlin, Germany, where I lived and served the Lord 3 years. AWAKENING It was shortly after the Catholic pope died and I saw a photo of President Bush at the funeral with his father and former President Clinton. It struck me odd that this supposed Christian president was kneeling before this dead pope. Also, I wondered why was Bush not renouncing his involvement in the secret Yale fraturnity, Skull and Bones, if he was a Christian? Then I began reading of other Christians who said the pope was saved and went to heaven. This really confused me, so I began to research this and the more I read, the more I saw problems with different 'Christian' leaders I previously followed, including Rick Joyner who had become a Knight of Malta which submits to the Catholic church and is connected to Freemasonry and Billy Graham , a Freemason, who also said the pope went to heaven. CONFRONTATION So I brought all these troubling discoveries to the leadership of FIRE International and FIRE Church only to be told not to worry about any of it! They saw no problem with my concerns and rebuke me. Stunned by this response, I began to read and research more - was I off base? What was the TRUTH?? But the more I searched, the MORE deception and lies I uncovered which pretty put me in a state of shock. This included coverup events for September 11, 2001. It wasn't long before I withdrew from FIRE International and returned to the USA in 2005. TODAY Now I realize I was deceived and was following false teachings which included being slain in the spirit and speaking in babbling tongues (not the real gift of tongues as spoken of in the Bible). I am now back in the King James Bible as I believe the modern versions are corrupt. I'd like to find a good church but until then am meeting a couple times a week in the home of friends for prayer, fellowship and reading the Scriptures. My continued prayer is that the Truth be revealed, the lies be exposed, the deceived wakeup, the sinner repent, the lost get saved and the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified. To hear a bit more of my story, please go to my youtube channel.


  1. I read on your sight that you are open to the TRUTH. If this is an honest statement and you truly love, and want to be obedient to your creator you will be blessed. If these are just empty words and your eyes are closed to the TRUTH you will fall. You should know that your statement of believe is the product of pagan teachings and nothing to do with the message of Jesus. You follow the teachings of Paul who was opposed to the TRUTH. Only the book of James is reliable, written by Jesus' brother. Have you forgotten Jesus was a JEW not a christian. He is a child of God, not God. He is a wise teacher and a true prophet. Who pleaded with the Jews to turn back to there Father just like Isaiah and others. It is a narrow road. The road you are on is wide, easy, comfortable, many stumble along it, just like your teacher PAUL did. As he set up a pagan church for pagan people. Have you the courage to stand up straight and walk on the narrow road? You should wake up to the fact that christendom teaches lies and spreads confusion Brownsville is but one modern day example. Check out the history of christendom, observe what is happening today, right at this moment. Christendom is falling. God is looking for quality not quantity and your good deeds will count as nothing because your faith is built on lies. Seek and you will find. You have done it before do it again! "How Jesus Became Christian" ...............

  2. Friend, the Truth is the Lord Jesus Christ is God.

    Jesus is also the Creator.

    Jesus is the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world.

    Jesus is my Saviour.

    Jesus is my Redeemer.

    Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life and NO ONE comes to the Father except by Him.

    If you don't know Jesus Christ, there is no hope for you.

    May the Lord expose the lies you are believing and open your eyes to the Truth I pray in Jesus name.

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
    John 3:16

  3. Jimmie Krack Korn6/6/10, 7:23 PM

    Thank you for this posting. It is something I have been watching. Some Charismatic beliefs match up with Kabbalistic teachings. Also the beliefs that Dr. Cho espouse are indentical to Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret." Makes you wonder how many mainstream evangelists use this demonic realm power to build thier ministries. Christ said it would be like this. BTW, Jesus is God.

    It is important to take a strong look at what many in the Charismatic/Pentecostal/Evangelical movements simply accept as of the Holy Spirit. I have seen the sloppiest, most disgusting, bizarre, chaotic weirdness inside "mainstream" denominational pentecostal churches under the guise of "the anointing."
    In these last days or final days of life as we know it on Earth, we must understand that Satan has infiltrated and perfected his control, position and power within the churches.
    We know this is scriptural from Rev.13:8 and Matthew 13- Parable of the Wheat and the Tares:

    28" 'An enemy did this,' he replied. (Satan is who "planted" his satanic agents in the church)
    "The servants asked him, 'Do you want us to go and pull them up?'

    29" 'No,' he answered, 'because while you are pulling the weeds, you may root up the wheat with them. 30Let both grow together until the harvest.(this means there are today...mature TARES within the confines of the church) At that time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned;(tares are not just those with a simple doctrinal difference since only those who reject Christ and serve Satan will be destroyed) then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn.' "

    So we see that there is a Satanic influence in the church promoted by agents of Satan... or Tares. And since Satan operates in a supernatural realm as well as God and the Holy Spirit, to reach us... he uses the name of Jesus' (as Jesus warned us of 4 times in Matt. 24)to intice us.

    (Galatians 3:1 "foolish people, who has bewitched you.") THEN, Satan sells us demonically inspired manifestations imitating as the Holy Spirit. And we BUY IT!

    Those who are "foolish" are:

    1. Those who have a shallow understanding of the scriptures specifically as they relate to spiritual warfare. (2 Cor. 2:11)

    2. Those with itching ears who actually seek bizarre manifestations (2 Thess. 2) ....similar to those who use a Ouija board.

  4. Thanks Jimmie Krack Korn for the great comment!

    Another thing about the wheat and the tares, this is a perfect example of why I no longer in a pre-trib rapture.


  5. JImmieKrackKorn6/7/10, 8:57 AM

    I just finished an awesome book about the timeline of the apocalypse, called "Red Moon Rising" by Peter Goodgame. It had an incredible fresh take on the start of Daniels 70th week , Gog and Magog and a rapture. I would suggest it for anyone interested in end-time prophecy who are tired of the same old Van Impe/Lahaye timelines.

  6. Hi Cathy,
    I guess you could say that I'm a "product" of the revival in Brownsville. In Aug of 96, (when I was 17) I went down with my youth group from Chicago and, like many people, it left a deep and permanent impression on me.

    I was only there for a week, but as I look back I cannot recall anything negative about the experience. Since then I've looked into a fair share of historic and more recent revivals. Admittedly, there is a LOT of deception, occultic practices, weird manifestations, etc being put forth a moves of the Holy Spirit. It's also stomach turning was passes for doctrine nowadays. However, it seems as though you infer that EVERY aspect of these revivals/moves is deception; that the Holy Spirit truly has no part in any of it. I can see how one might draw that conclusion, but then here's my question: How do I explain my life then?

    It's a common story from the B.R., but I truly moved into a relationship with Christ through the revival. Why or how could a satanic move inspire a relationship and commitment to Christ? I'm interested in your thoughts, because I do think you have a solid point; however, I'm also torn since I know how revival was used in my life.


  7. Hi Joe, thanks for the comment and praise the LORD Jesus for your new life in Christ! He is faithful no matter where we encounter Him.

    I simply share my experience which at the time I thought wonderful. It wasn't until I was out on the mission field and I started questioning things and got the round around from the leaders which raised a red flag in my mind.

    Alot of what we saw at Brownsville was man-made or demonic in my opinion... not all but it was cultish. For example, the prayer team was told not to pray in the name of Jesus. Nor could you pray for someone inside the sanctuary unless you were on the prayer team. How weird is that?

    In any case, may the LORD lead us both unto His Truth today and everyday I pray.


  8. Cathy,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I also viewed your testimony from your youtube channel and praise God He is faithful to lead His people in truth! I can relate to MUCH of your life, either directly or through my parents. My mother struggled through her choice of an abortion at an early age. She also suffered a breakdown of sorts almost 15 years ago.

    About a year and a half ago my home church (I haven't attended an actual church in 6 years--my dad, brother and I meet with others twice a week at my dad's house for study and prayer) started to notice the invasion of occultism and deception into the church on a massive scale. We also began to look for the truth behind 9/11 since the official story just didn't add up. We came to understand that pretty much all the major events/crisis' in the world have been calculated. Also stumbled upon other topics such as mind control, brainwashing, occultism in politics, sex-slavery, public executions such as JFK, chemtrails and an endless list of other areas.

    It's unfortunate and tragic to hear the response you received to your concern over these things from your spiritual leaders at the time. One of the things my dad has always said is: WHERE IS THE CHURCH? In other words, where is the voice of truth and light in a world of deception? The bigger tragedy is that most of Christendom would think you're crazy for your conclusions. But God bless you sister, because Daniel 11:33 says in the end "those who have insight among the people will give understanding to the many."

    So, to bring this full circle while trying not to beat a dead horse... it's precisely because I am in agreement with so much of what you say that I am so interested in your take on Brownsville. I don't want to debate, try to convince you, etc. I treasure the memories of the time I spent in Brownsville. Yet, if Christ revealed to me that the entire revival was a delusion I'd forsake it all tonight. I was only there for 5 days, but you were there for around 3 years. So boiled down I guess my question is this: In spite of the deception, misleading, abuse, false teaching, carnality, etc that took place in Brownsville, do you think the revival was a work of God the Holy Spirit within that church?

    Oh and I actually found out the hard way that only prayer team members could only pray for people inside the sanctuary. The day after I was saved I noticed that people fell down when I prayed for them as well! So did one of the prayer partners, however, and I was sharply rebuked for it afterwards :)

    Well, sorry for being so long winded here, but thanks again for your thoughts. I was both encouraged and blessed by your testimony.

    God bless

  9. Hi again Joe. Great to read that you are awake to much of the deception swirling around us!

    You ask, was the Brownsville revival a work of God the Holy Spirit within that church?

    Today I disagree with much of the Assembly of God's teaching (as well as most of the organized 'church' which is apostate) but the LORD can work in the mist of all that. I mean, this is a fallen world and evil is everywhere, yet the Holy Spirit manages to touch hearts and save souls, which He did at Brownsville, you being a perfect example.

    Not sure how else to answer. Hope that helps.


  10. Hallo Cathy! I respect you because I think that there is so much things that we can be influenced of. But how do you explain my story? Everything that happened to me, happened to me ALONE! I didn't know of anything at all that Christians did - as I am from atheistic Sweden and we hardly have any Christians at all - so I couledn't very well have been influenced of it.

    I knew a lot of church history and had read the Bible 15 years ago, buit only as an atheist!

    Here is my story:


    This kind of thing is what I get daily! I get it all the time, I have been a Christian for ten days(!) only, alone in a log cabin without Bible, other people, churches, Tv, only a slow internet connection, and 4000 mg methadone to commit suicide with! I HAD POURED IT INTO JUICE AND WAS ON THE VERGE TO DRINK IT: Before that I threw myself on the floor: I screamed "Jesus I don't believe in you and you know that - if you do exist. But if you do, you must know also that I WANT TO DIE AND THAT I WILL TAKE ALL THIS METHADONE; IF YOU CAN STOP ME GIVE THAT FAITH THE CHRISTIANS ARE SPEAKING OF. PLEASE GIVE ME THE FAITH, PLEASE!"

    It came like a rocket, into my heart, NOONE prayed for me, noone asked for HOLY SPIRIT - that came 2 days later, it shook me so that I could hardly stand on my feet. THE LORD (as I now automatically called him!) showed me ppl who suffered, told me to PM them - I got abuse and scorn for that but also some frightened responses (HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT?!) He sent me storms of tears, he showed me the universe - I had been a raving atheist all my life - and told of how he grieved of the humans contempt for Him when had made all this with all those trillions of suns and quadrillions of planets! I was so humiliated, I yelled "Forgive me for that unspeakable sin of ever having doubted that you made all this, I pay for this crime for the rest of my life!"

    PAY?!?!?!? I didn't have to pay for anything - all is forgiven, He showed me the mystery of the Cross, that corny thing that I have always ridiculed - 'phoney Christians with their disgusting blood cult'. And the thankfulness for WHat He has done almost broke my heart! Can you believe what God can do??? I can call Jesus anytime, if I am anguished or scared, and believe me, I am, every day I say 'Noone can rise from the dead, it's impossible' and then I shout *Please Jesus take away my doubts, is this satan? Please help me!* And he comes EVERY TIME; EVERY TIME! And shoots a rocket of love, peace, forgiveness and joy into me! I have been a heroin and metadone addict for decades, and scoffed and laughed at all christian things, Universe is big bang etc....

  11. ...CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT THE LORD CAN DO?? HE CAN DO ANYTHING! The most wonderful thing is that Jesus is so SUDDEN, SO SHOCKINGLY OBVIOUS! It's not a question of praying and hoping for an answer - No I get answers so clear that I reel. Storms of tears, pictures, joy for others. I have contacted unknown people on the other side of the ocean in US, and told them that they are on their way to BEING SOLDIERS FOR CHRIST, and they say GLORY I FELT IT; I FELT IT! All this He is doing with a totally useless, former scoffer, who has been Christian less than two weeks. And it doesn't end - the more I get the more I get!

    Like Alison Ward, I am reeling, but I don't need other christians, it's enough to ask Jesus for advice. The minut I obey his commands, Holy spirit shakes me so that I AM GLOWING; YES GLOWING!

    THIS IS THE LOVE THAT SHINES THROUGH THE UNIVERSE; ALL THE OTHER RELIGIONS ISN*T ANYTHING BUT THOUGHT SYSTEMS. How can I believe anything else? I was raised in a psychanalytical utter loving but atheist home, no guilt feelings whatsoever! I just now listened on youtube to a Swedish Christian song that went: When the sun one day will get cold and dark, the Name Of Jesus will still GLOW! AND TO MY UTTER AMAZEMENT THAT IS THE TRUTH! YES IT*S TRUER THAN 2+2=4. I just wanted to say this to all of you who maybe have a hard time with your faith, he assured me of one thing when I nagged him too much: THOSE WHO COME TO ME - AND THAT IS WHAT I WANT - YOU MAY LEAVE ME; BUT I WILL NEVER EVER LEAVE YOU. YOU JUST HAVE TO CALL FOR ME! MY DOOR IS ALWAYS OPEN!

    Am I truly blessed? I ask other Christians and they say that something like that never happens to them, they believe but is never shown anything, I have gotten more in 12 days than they have IN THEIR LIFETIME. But Christ cannot be unfair! What did I do then? I ASK LIKE A CHILD! I am an intellectual, it is hard to believe, but I don't CARE who hears me pray or what others think of me! I ask Jesus all the time, whoever ridicule me, and I ask all the time to give me more faith, to cut me down to size, to forgive me everything I might have done wrongly. Many Christians do that - I am sure of it. But I am very bold with him - I said from the beginning: I can't handle my life, you must handle it for me, I do whatever you say and let you decide everything. This is like a magic bullet obviously...

    Or is it that I truly couldn't care less if someone would take everything I 've got, and I am getting deserted by all my family and friends? Is the secret that Jesus knows that I will gladly jump from a cliff if He tells me to? It's hard to say and I DO NOT WANT TO SAY THAT I AM CLEVER OR BETTER OR WORTH ANYTHING, IT*S PURE GRACE. But I just wanted to share this with you, as so many on the net whom I have contacted and assured them of the might of Christ already say that OH MY! TAKING IT IN LIKE A CHILD IS DIFFICULT, BUT IF EVERYONE KNEW HOW SHOCKINGLY OBVIOUS AND CLEAR HE IS SPEAKING IF YOU DO NOT DOUBT! AND LET HIM RULE TO 100%!

    Perhaps He is pleased because I obey him in that I never ever speak of hell - actually I haven't even asked him about heaven and hell - so as not to frighten anyone. He knows that I didn't come to him out of fear, I am just so pleased that HE LIVES TODAY, AND THANKFUL FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR US AT THE CROSS. Everlasting life I cannot even think about, it's too big, I have too much already to be thankful of, I have to have my heart intact. But of course I know that He will come again, he says so. And perhaps he is pleased because I obey him and never speak of the Bible - the Bible has many of his words, but the Bible is a stumbling block when you actually worship the Bible instead of Jesus....

  12. Thank you for your testimony! Isn't God wonderful and amazing to transform us into a new creature in Christ by the power of His Holy Spirit when we simply humble ourselves before Him and put our faith in His Son, Jesus.

    You asked in your email to me, "how do you explain my story?" I can't nor even try to explain the glory and mysteries of the Creator of the universe. The LORD can and does do whatever it takes to draw us to Him and I respect what He has done and is doing in you, Henrik. Your life is a miracle.

    May we with one mind and one mouth glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ Who is always faithful. We can trust Him completely each day, everyday in every situation!

    While at Brownsville, I was very blessed in many ways but some of the experiences were questionable I know believe. That was 10 years ago. Since then, my faith in Christ has not changed and the joy of the Lord is still my strength!

    The LORD Jesus Christ tells us 'let no man deceive you" more than once and the following passage rattled me back then putting the fear of God in me more than ever (the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom):

    "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity." Matthew 7:21-23

    My prayer was (and still is), 'Lord Jesus, please expose any lies I'm believing, reveal the truth to me and heal my heart'.

    This prayer was answered back then as he began to open my eyes to all the deception ALL around me. It was like when the LORD showed Ezekiel all the "wicked abominations" that they did in the temple (chapter 8 of Ezekiel).

    I had been deceived before and now I was realizing, I'd been deceived again which was upsetting and shocking. By His grace, He has and is leading me daily to the truth. We must love the truth to not be deceived as we humble ourselves before Him.

    And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
    2 Thessalonians 2:10

    For the law was given by Moses, [but] grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.
    John 1:17

    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
    John 14:6

    Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.
    John 18:37

    May the LORD Jesus Christ continue to lead and guide us unto the Truth as we seek to please Him each day!

    blessings from Florida,

  13. Just so you know, the inverted cross is actually a Catholic symbol and appears on the Papal Throne. It is the cross that St. Peter was crucified on as he not believe that he was worthy to be killed in the same manner as Jesus. While it has been recently appropriated by "devil worshipers," or more often, heavy metal musicians, it is not a symbol of true Satanists.

  14. I read that about Peter in Fox's Book of Martyrs (http://www.sacred-texts.com/chr/martyrs/fox101.htm) and have seen photos of the Pope's throne with the inverted cross (http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/False%20Religions/Roman%20Catholicism/satanism_in_the_vatican.htm) but I did not know it was a Catholic symbol which it may be but I do not believe it is a Christian symbol.

    Have you ever seen a Christian were an inverted cross? Me neither. However, I've seen it worn by satanists A LOT. In fact, one time while a missionary in Berlin, Germany, I was holding a 3-foot high cross and a fellow began to harass me, telling me to hold the cross upside down. Why would he say that? Because he wanted to mock Christ, not honor Him.

  15. Regarding the upside down cross. Has the thought occurred that they hired someone to design that poster and it was possibly the artists sarcasm? Also, they may not have even noticed it. I am a graphic designer and it took me a minute. I think that particular point is a real stretch. Maybe good people have good intentions and are not intentionally deceiving others. Maybe they are also deceived. Or maybe God uses all things to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Peace.

  16. Good point! Thanks for the oomment.

  17. Praise God in the highest Cathy, that He opened your eyes on false christiandom. As I pray for all my brethren in Christ as the Lord leads me, I also understand that even though many even some good christian leaders are seemed to be fooled by the false leaders around them. We should keep on interceeding for others who are caught up in the middle of the falsehood despite of their good efforts. Lets keep alerting and standing in the gap by the Grace of the Living God who judges right into anyones heart. Please keep on the good work sister:-) Love in Christ/Mia

  18. Thanks for the encouragement, Mia!

  19. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. We need to encourage everyone to study the word not just read it study it carefully always asking Holy Spirit for wisdom understanding and knowledge!

    Jesus is the word of God who put on flesh i pray that atheist man knows this now.


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