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Dear all, here is a letter I found in "endtimeprophetics" which somehow expresses also what I experienced.

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Dear Mirjam and others,
Last year I wrote something about Heaven on Earth but I didn’t go public.In 2006 I subscribed the Elijah-list. My daily e-mail became a routine and I ordered some books and cd’s but when I started reading I assumed I was not mature for them.

In 2007 I became connected with a church that was formerly visited by Bob Jones, Pat Cocking, and presently by Walter Heidenreich, Anna and Emerson Ferrel Mendez and Stacey Campbell, who laid hands on me, including hissing and shaking.

Then came the conference “heaven on earth”, and I became literally drunk during the fasting and praying and laughed. Some things were pleasant and some embarrassing, especially when someone is “playing” and he hits you with fire, it is not worthy and to me it did not seem holy, more a joke. I also experienced a creepy elertrical wave through my body when I was near the stage, that made me fall on the ground. Did not know what to think of it, but prayed the Lord to show me if it was from Him.

Back home I read in the Elijahlist about a book called “The Shack”that should be a wonderful-must-read, so I ordered it.

When I went to the bookstore to get it, I also saw a new cd by David Ruis and I listened to it, because I always loved worshipping the Lord and dancing in my home, but I was shocked by the weird kind of sound.
Back at home I started reading the Shack during 2 days and could not understand they recommended it, it is blasphemy, ungodly.

I got alarmed and checked the web about David Ruis and found several youtubes from a “prophetic worship conference “Shatter” with David Ruis and Keith Luker. Again that strange(in my ears demonic) sounds, Gregorian singing and in the background a dancing native-American with feathers and all. In one of the sessions of Shatter the native came standing beside Ruis and uttered a kind of prayer like Oh great spirit, oh Manitou, oh Jesus and whosoever that is worthy to be praised.

Then I continued searching out and the Lord made it clear to me it is all about the great worldwide new age belief and the money, and that the Lakeland business was something about signs and wonders, not a matter of the Holy Spirit, convincing men of sin, justice and judgement, of repentence and giving your heart to our Lord Jesus Christ.

I immediately unsubscribed the Elijahlist and was so awfully sad and heartbroken.

I cried to the Lord : will I never be able to sing and rejoice in You again…Please tell me if I can trust something or somebody. Then I knew the truth of psalm 146 that tells us not to trust in the son of man but that happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help. I went to bed but after an hour of not sleeping I suddenly went out, took a cd of David Ruis and played my favourite “every move I make I make in You” and sang and danced and was happy, for when he wrote this it was not wrong.

BUT…afterwards I had an awful pain in my chest and back.

It did not stop and made me very worried. Beside my bed was the prayer of warfare by the demonbusters, that I was going to study. I prayed it and the pain and stress faded away and I had a good night rest.

The following 6 weeks I did not visit church spending all my time on the web, searching out about Lakeland, false prophets and so on. Since that time I refuse the laying on of hands and anything that has to do with “fire, anointing and revival”, because the heart is deceitful above all.

I repented of my sins that I had eaten from the forbidden fruit and rebuked the prophecy of the snake within Stacey and the visions 2 people had about me. I downloaded several of the teachings of you, especially about the Hindu-anointing and lying signs and wonders, threw all the cd’s and dvd’s(heaven on eartha.s.o.) and the Elijahlist garbage in the trash can. What a waste of money.

It is so hard to find your way in the evangelical/pentecostal world, you never know what is good or wrong and always have to study and pray so carefully.

I am hungry for the Lord and the only way to still that hunger is by eating the Word, not by going to a person on stage that asks to come forward when you want to receive more of God, for how can he give what is not his own.

Please, continue with your work, be blessed in the Lord and be a blessing for his children.

That the Lord may receive the glory due to Him,

Comment by Fré | May 5, 2009

1. http://endtimespropheticwords.wordpress.com/2009/05/05/heaven-on-earth-comes-to-the-netherlands/


Anonymous said…
hmm cathy
that has made me think a LOT
i was baptised in a pentecostal church in ST LOUIS last year and they expected me to speak in tongues but it did not happen and i said that it would be the LORDS will if i should do such a thing but i could see they were not happy
i returned to the states and rang them because they had not contacted me even once after baptism
iwas told some story about confusion and re- organisation in the church
i recieved a few text from members of the congregation saying how much they loved me but i feel i shan't hear much more from them
as i say to people if you put your faith in GOD and JESUS they will aleays reveal the truth
may GOD continue to bless you for revealing the truth
i'm sure you'll agree that it does set you free from all worry and fear
Cathy Palmer said…
Yes, people will let us down but the LORD Jesus Christ will always be there for us.

I used to be into all the above mentioned nonsense, thus the reason I post warnings and red alerts.