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November 13, 2010 EMAIL EXCHANGE

well this was very good. i can not believe the public's non response. how do you explain the obvious. it is so crazy cathy. i got my relatives to look up at the sky and tell me what that is and they just said it was normal contrails unbelievable and they go on like nothing is going on


Hi John,
It is a curious mystery how some folks are totally aware of this ongoing silent genocide while most others are completely oblivious to it all AND refuse to even look at or investigate it!

Go figure.



Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for the report. Blessings and strength to all those who are brave enough to face this awfull TRUTH.
I have watched in my part of Europe southern Spain being sprayed extensively by chemical trails.
My beautifull mountain and valley view, down to the mediteranian ocean, now causes me great stress and allarm for the future of mankind.
My sky now so often a white insipid glare. On days without those evil planes the blue of the heavens returns and I feel for a day perhaps that I can breath natures abundance and express thanks.
Please forward the report to all your email contacts and your local MP's , Congressmen,Senetors , heads of schools ,your local Doctors, Dentists, University heads , in fact to just about any person who might look at this very important information.
As one man said WE must act, WE must work together to inform.
Freedom, if one reads recent history, was WON ,it was never given to us.

Beth (SPAIN)
Anonymous said…
it's spooky that you posted this on the day i was pointing this out to people in san francisco who looked at me as if i was some crazy brit
well we know different
but as GOD'S word says '' let those with ears hear and those with eyes see ''
as i say to people the truth IS out there
may GOD continue to bless you cathy
Cathy Palmer said…
SF? In May of this year I moved to Florida from California where I lived in Sonoma which is one hour drive north of San Francisco.

While there, I maintained this blog:

Now I have this blog:
Anonymous said…
hi cathy
apparently there has been a UN ban on this practice but neither america nor the uk is honouring it
understandable really as they further satan's agenda
forgotton the details but it was passed on 22/10/10
wish i could find a uk equivalent to your blogspot
btw greenpeace were condescending when approached and said it was not part of thier mandate or considered important
i had heard suspicions regarding who runs greenpeace , seems GOD showed me who they really serve
Cathy Palmer said…
Yes, this post tells a bit more about the UN ban:
Anonymous said…
hi cathy checked out and subscribed to your afore mentioned blog
finding this whole business very frustrating as don't know who i can get involved to raise public awareness and protestation here in the uk
Cathy Palmer said…
Yes, we all who are concerned about the chemtrail spraying are quite frustrated... BUT the LORD Jesus Christ is much BIGGER and more POWERFUL than all these evildoers, thus, we must place our trust and hope in Him alone and not in the arm of flesh for a solution.

God speed!