Mind Kontrolled Masses: Panem Et Circenses & Doll Worship

Here's a bit of the August 18, 2011 post from InTheKnow7 which gives us more insight to the ongoing mind control to which you and I are continually subjected.

HEADSUP: Please read with discernment and prayer as this information may be disturbing.

LINK: https://intheknow7.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/mind-kontrolle-for-the-masses-paneum-et-circenses-doll-worship-video/

Mind Kontrolled Masses: Panem Et Circenses & Doll Worship (VIDEO)

“All The World’s A Stage”
As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII – William Shakespeare
*       *       *
intheknow7 Channel
Esoteric Kitten & Big Screen Deception
ITK7 Journal 2011/3Q
ITKEK7: MK Prog’mg In Culture
ITKEK7: Certified Monarch Slaves
ITK7GMT: Global Management Team
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Bob Hope & U.S.O. Monarch Slave Troupe: Over 40yrs of MK-Ultra PIMPIN (VIDEO)
50yrs of MK (Mind Kontrolled) Ultra BETA Sex Kittens (VIDEO)
MK (Mind Kontrolle) Ultra Prog’mg Modes ID: “I Gotta See It” (VIDEO)
Monarch Butterfly (Danaus Plexippus)
* Overview of Mind Kontrolle Prog’mg here & here
Panem Et Circenses (=Latin “Bread & Circuses”) Strategy rulers (Global Management Team) use to keep subjects (useless eaters, weeds, public, American people etc.) distracted to divert attention from themselves. For if the masses turn their attention toward the rulers, becoming aware of their demonic schemes they would revolt IMMEDIATELY! This post highlights Mind Kontrolle Prog’mg of  YOU AND ME  rather than individual MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Kontrolle Prog’mg performed on secure military bases, select hospitals, universities and private castles and estates.  They’ve been controlling us using DOLLS…
Techniques similar to those used to create Monarch Slaves have been applied to the general population. While we’ve been sleeping they created an army of Mind Kontrolled Slaves (human robots) to do their bidding; effecting  changes in society need in order to perpetuate our gleeful servitude. These human DOLLS were infused into major spheres of society for us to mimic. This strategy has been given a major boost from technological advancements saturating our culture designed to keep “the programming” directly in front of the targets…
Our constant interaction w/these devices not only shields the puppet masters, but actually reduces the brains ability to reason. We don’t talk, we text…we don’t imagine, images are created for us, we think less as false arguments are presented, debated and resolved in minutes – sound bites rule. One can debate “man versus machine” ad naseum; moderator is not a technophobe, but readers should realize we’ve been programmed to be lazy, allowing computers to do almost everything for us. The mind in some ways is like any other muscle — if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it; it will atrophy. We’re losing simple skills like reading and counting at an alarming rate. Working a cash register used to require a quick mind in computation, now just press a button and in some cases w/pictures of items instead of words. This is part of the devolution of the human mind, always marketed as “convenience” or “progress” and those objecting are quickly demonized…

Egyptian-Masonic crossed arms pose; "squared up"
Annual Tribute To MK-Ultra Mind Control, Monarch Slave Prog’mrs/Handlers, Egyptology & All Profiteers…
Our favorite Dolls are selected resulting from marketing/demographic data which measures emotional bonding levels. Then they simply present them at lavish ceremonies and grand stages (puppet shows) to tickle your emotions, and keep the cash registers ringing…
The Academy Awards (Oscars) ceremony is a virtual orgy of egotism and self-congratulatory rambling over how cleverly producers, directors, cameramen, script writers, agents et al. have “Spun The Kitty’s” (subjecting them to trauma) unsuspectingly for another year, while amassing even more ill gotten gains (blood money) using their dissociative identities (DID) and multiple personalities (MPD). They’ve been denied food, sleep, electroshocked, forced ingestion of psychotropic and hallucinogenic drugs, Botox-ed, surgically enhanced, layers of make-up, false lashes, luxurious hair extensions, sprayed-on tans, wrapped in the most exquisite gowns and shoes, adorned w/Harry Winston jewels, bathed in complimentary lighting, videoed from the most flattering camera angles  – all to create an “image”of perfection; and of course the over-the-top emotional acceptance speeches delivered under Mind Control…
Behind the veil of beauty, beneath the multi-layered illusion of perfection, lie tortured souls longing for escape from a lifetime of misery…
Egyptian Origin of Oscar Statue
As we sit there mesmerized by tinsel town’s most glittering mass distraction, be mindful that after the show their torment begins anew, with endless after parties where “ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE  w/ ANYONE” fun will be had w/BETA Sex Kitten ALTERS. The arrangements have all been made, which Monarch Slaves will attend which orgy (trauma reinforcement), at which estate (Prog’mg location), with whom and for how long. The pharmacists, physicians, Prog’mrs/Handlers, cameramen are all in place, on their marks (*zap- zap*) — lights, camera, action!
“and the Oscar goes to…”
Mass Mind Control Through Network Television – Alex Ansary
*       *       *
Barbie & Hef: CIA-MK-Ultra Asset Playboy CEO & PIMP: Hugh Hefner & Human Plastic Barbie Dolls That Infected Generations
Sex Industry Doll Prog’mg

Norma Jean DiMaggio "Controlled Military Asset" Mind Kontrolled BETA Kitten

JFK, Marilyn Monroe, RFK
ITKEK7 Certified Monarch Slaves: Marylin Monroe

Fret not thyself because of evil [men], neither be thou envious at the wicked;  For there shall be no reward to the evil [man]; the candle of the wicked shall be put out. 

For what [is] our hope, or joy, or crown of rejoicing? [Are] not even ye in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ at his coming?
1 Thessalonians 2:19


  1. Thanks Much for helping to pierce through the fantasy narrative which has been pulled over our eyes, preventing us from seeing the truth of WHY we need God in our lives...

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant


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