October 04, 2011

Vitamin D Cures Cancer?

"Can vitamin D cure cancer? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. Vitamin D is a powerful hormone that regulates and repairs bodily cells."

"Vitamin D is naturally produced by your body’s largest organ, the skin. Typical summer sun exposure of 20 minutes (without sunscreen and with face, arms and legs uncovered) produces 20,000 IU of vitamin D."

"Exposing yourself to sunlight is the most important source of vitamin D because sunlight is far more likely to provide you with your vitamin D requirement than food is. Food Vitamin D sources include Milk (nonfat, reduced fat, and whole), Eggs, Pure Cod liver oil, Salmon, Mackerel, Tuna fish, Sardines, Margarine, Liver and Swiss Cheese."

SOURCE: http://presscore.ca/2011/?p=4583


Blogger Alternative Health News said...

Vitamin D is finally getting the recognition of it's importance in everyday health.

11/14/11, 10:05 AM  

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