Jesus said, "And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free... So if the Son sets you free, you will indeed be free." - John 8
On the train traveling to meet Maria, I began talking to some students from Turkey and when their teacher asked what I was doing in Berlin, he was surprised when I handed him John 3:13-18 written in Turkish! One student asked if I was for Bush or Kerry. So in a crowded train where many understand English, I shared how I voted for President Bush. “Why?” the boy asked. “Well, for one reason he is pro-life” and then handed him my tract which tells about “My Pro-Choice Decision” (click here to read it). Then while walking to the bus, I was approached by a Hari Krishna selling “holy” incense. We chatted – him sharing his beliefs and me sharing freedom through Jesus – and finally I said, “Let’s pray that if you have the truth, that I turn to it but if I have the truth, that you will turn to what I believe.” He agreed that that was a good prayer! YEAH! Then Maria and I taught a Bible study to Mohammad, Bülent, Karin, and Bärbel who all have mental problems. I believe the Lord will heal these people and I told them my story how God set me free from paranoia schizophrenia over 30 years ago. Two weeks we prayed for Bärbel and she told us that the doctor was surprised that her blood was better - she told him that we prayed for her! THANK YOU, JESUS!