"Krieger für Christus" by Simon Glimm (permission needed before reproducing)
Today I received an email from a young fellow missionary who is working in Ukraine with a FIRE missions team there. He spoke of the continual harassment from some local youth who have stolen stuff and scratched their cars. Here is my reply to him:
"I believe the guys that are harassing you all are there to teach you UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, among other things. What would Jesus do? Of course, wisdom says bind the demons when they literally attack you, but ask the Lord to give you HIS eyes and HIS heart for these hurting, broken, & VERY lost people. Here in Berlin, I was once choked by a witch until the LORD distracted her, then the police arrested her. A few months later, I was able to confront her in love at the train station, but haven't seen her since. Then another time, a demon possessed woman spit on me and from that I got to share the Gospel with a young man who asked me why I didn't hit her. Another time, when I saw a young man commit suicide by jumping in front of the train (very tragic), I was able to share Jesus with another young man who was walking next to me as we left the scene. And while carring my 3 foot large cross one day, a woman came up to me screaming in German in great rage and anger. I understood none of it and on the train again I had the opportuinity to share Jesus with a fellow who also heard this woman. And another time, a girl came up to asking directions to a street which just happened to be where I was going, so I knew this was a divine appointment. I shared Jesus with her and after crossing one street, there was a 3 car accident right where we had been. A few miniutes later, ANOTHER car accident happened across the street, again right where we had walked. I told her this is a prophetic picture of people's lives who refuse to turn to Jesus - they crash! And so it goes. But out of each of these bad situations, the Lord brought something good - hallelujah! You know our FIRE missionary in Poland has been robbed 5 times which includes loosing their van and another time robbers entered their home, stealing $8,000 worth of stuff while the family of 7 along with their visitors where sleeping! The Lord enabled the 4 thieves to be arrested (this even shocked the police - most thieves are never caught in Poland) and the missionaries got back some of their stuff. In any case, out of all this the Lord is doing a wonderful, deep work in the hearts of this missionary family AND it is speaking VOLUMES to their Polish community about unconditional love and forgiveness! What the devil means for evil, the LORD WILL TURN FOR GOOD! I pray the troublemakers in your midst will become the next evangelists in the community, spreading the Gospel to all, in Jesus name! LOVE HOPES ALL THINGS!!! "Humanly speaking it is impossible. But with God EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE!" (Jesus - Matt 19)