Worshipping in China with the underground church & Brother Yun, the "Heavenly Man"
The Back to Jerusalem vision is something that thousands of Chinese Christians are willing to die for. Why? When many people first hear about “Back to Jerusalem” they misinterpret that the Chinese Church wants to evangelize Jerusalem. The first thing to understand is that ‘Back to Jerusalem’ does not at all mean the Chinese want to rush to Jerusalem with the Gospel. The vision is much larger than that. The vision is a passion for the house churches of China. They pray about it daily, dream about it, and talk about it over breakfast, lunch and dinner and many feel it is God’s ultimate call and destiny for the Chinese Church, the very reason they exist! Back to Jerusalem refers to a call from God for the Chinese Church to preach the Gospel and establish fellowships of believers in all the countries, cities, towns, and ethnic groups between China and Jerusalem. This vision is no small task, for within those nations lay the three largest spiritual strongholds in the world today that have yet to be conquered by the Gospel: the giants of Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. More than 90% of the unreached people groups in the world today are located within the 10/40 window – more than 5,100 tribes and ethno-linguistic groups with little or no Gospel witness. Of the world’s 50 least-Christian and least-evangelized countries, all 50 are located within this region! (click http://www.backtojerusalem.com/ for more info)


MaoBi said…
Brother Yun will be in Malaysia in January. Hopefully anyone from Malaysia who finds their way here can ask their local church for details and try to attend.

Sorry for hijacking a posting in your comments for a shameless plug.