Daniel Glimm; Blowing the shofar; art by Cathy for BD card
The battle cry of the Jesus Revolution is "Holiness to the Lord". This is the standard we raise high, this is our call to arms, this is the requirement for every soldier in the Lord's army, this is the banner under which all of us march, and this is the heart of the holy revolution (from "Revolution! The Call to Holy War" by Michael L. Brown)! And today we celebrated the birthday of one of the Lord's prophetic swat team leaders: Daniel Glimm. May nothing stop nor hinder the calling and destiny for this young man who passionately loves Jesus. AMEN!


  1. Thanks for posting those pics and information. It was prayer answer for me today to find it out here. This man of God had visited Estonia many times and those times had been such blessing from God in my life!

    Many blessings from Estonia


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