The LORD says, "People who never before inquired about me are now asking about me. I am being found by people who were not looking for me. To them I have said, `I am here!' (Isaiah 65)
"It makes you wonder what's next!" my friend said just now on the phone as we talked about the tsunami. It was only 3 months ago that she rode out hurricane Ivan here in Pensacola - God protected her and her home while many others lost so much. Then earlier this morning, another friend told me of a woman she works with who last week had a dream of a very large wave killing people! It was so upsetting and when she asked the Lord how she could pray to help the people, He replied that it was too late. Sadly, 1/3 of the victims of this tsunami are chldren. When tragedy hits, it touches so many. Tsumanis, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires are happening all around us and for me, I have been crying and praying. However, my focus has to turn to God for help and for hope, to the Son of God Who forgives and loves me, to the Holy Spirit Who fills me with peace in the storms of life. Jesus is coming back for His bride, all those who follow Him, and he said in Matthew 24, "You also must be ready all the time. For the Son of Man will come when least expected." THANK YOU, FATHER, FOR LOVING US. PLEASE HELP ALL THOSE WHO ARE HURTING RIGHT NOW AND SHOW THEM THE WAY. MAY WE ALL BE READY WHEN YOU COME AGAIN, LORD!