"Jesus Kommi Wieder" by Simon Glimm (permission needed before reproducing)
This afternoon, Maria and went to the house church and taught the children and their mothers English. Afterwards, while we were having tea and cookies, one of Andre's co-workers. Werner, came by to bring the family a box of apples. We shared the good news of Jesus Christ and we told how we got saved. I then asked if we could pray for him and he said yes but before we prayed I said, "You have heard all of us talk about the love of Jesus and being born-again. Would you like to be born-again too?" And Werner said yes! HALLELUJAH! After praying, we then had a wonderful time of worship and praising the Lord for His goodness. Then on the way home, Maria and I talked to a couple of loud young men sitting behind us who had been drinking and we got their interest when I said, "Well, we have something that is MUCH better than what you are drinking! It is SO good!" They asked what was it and I said, "Oh it is so good! In fact, we had just been drinking it. You should have some!" They REALLY wanted to know more. So I said, "This is NEW WINE! You get it when you give your heart to Jesus and He gives you His Holy Spirit!" They didn't know what to think! And even with some of their mocking, they both listened to our message of hope through Jesus and one of them said he never heard this before. He said he would read the tract I gave him and then give it to his girl friend to read! SAVE THEM, LORD JESUS! Then on another train after Maria left, I was sitting near 6 young men all in black leather jackets ready to go out for the night - they also were drinking and even smoking on the train which is forbidden. I THOUGHT they were speaking Polish, but when I gave them my Polish tracts, one of them come to me and asked in English, "What language is this?" Oops! They were Russian! But they did speak German and so I gave them a German tract and told them Jesus loved them in German. May these seeds sowed tonight take root and bear MUCH fruit, in Jesus name!


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