Enjoying the wonderful Georgia sunshine
Yesterday and today I could not get online with this wireless connection until just NOW! And being alone all day with no vehicle allowed me to spend A LOT of time with the Lord and listening to the powerful Revival Fire cd (listen online here). Then I wrote this poem/song:

At last we can say, the time has now come
Are you listening my daughter? Are you listening my son?
Look all around you, God's Kingdom is here
It is a new season and it's a new year.

Ready or not, I am coming again
For my bride, my beloved, my very best friend
Is your name written in my heavenly book?
Have you read the Bible? Have you taken a look?

Eternal life is free, being offered to you
God is speaking. Are you listening? What will you do?
He loves you so much that He gave His one Son
Saying, “Come to me my child, please don’t turn and run.”

“I’ve chosen you by name, so come to me now.
New life I will give you, let me show you how.
If you turn now to Jesus and turn from your sin
And give me your heart letting the Savior in.”

Wow! I am thinking, can this be all true?
Forgiven forever and totally loved too?
It all sounds so good, but what if it’s a lie
I want to believe and I don’t want to die.

Oh God are you listening? It is me talking now.
They say that you love me, but I don’t know how.
So many things I have done that were wrong.
Is it true in my heart you will put a new song?

Please Jesus I need you – my life is a mess
Come into my heart - all my sins I confess
I believe that you died on the cross long ago
To save me and heal me – don't let me go.

Come Spirit of God - fill my heart from above
With power and joy wrapped in pure holy love.
As I look back at all my mistakes
Now I want Jesus whatever it takes!

Then I heard Him say, "I love you and always will.
Never be afraid to trust me and be still.
I have much more for you every day
Arise and come away to hear what I say.”