At the White House, President Bush welcomes Palestinian Prime Minister, Mahmoud Abbas
Too many Christians today believe Bush is a Born Again Christian based upon his words; yet, Jesus instructs us to inspect the fruits of a person's life to reach a proper conclusion as to whether they are truly Born Again (Matthew 7:16-20). Only then can we reach a "righteous judgment" (1 Peter 2:23). As the Apostle James stated so boldly: "I will show you my faith by my works" (James 2:18). What do you think? If you aren't sure, please read this and then decide.

Im Weißen Haus, Präsident Bush heißt den palästinensischen Premierminister, Mahmoud Abbas, willkommen
Zu viele Christen heute glauben, daß Bush ein wiedergeborener Christ ist, basierend auf seinen Worten; Jesus jedoch weist und an, die Früchte im Leben einer Person anzuschauen, um eine korrekte Schlussfolgerung zu ziehen, ob sie wirklich wiedergeboren sind (Matthäus 7,16-20). Nur dann können wir zu einem "gerechten Urteil" gelangen (1.Petrus 2,23). Wie der Apostel Jakobus so kühn sagte:"Ich kann dir durch mein Handeln meinen Glauben zeigen" (Jakobus 2,18). Was denkst du? Wenn du dir nicht sicher bist, lies bitte dies und entscheide dann.


  1. Thank you for posting some reference material lately backing up why we should not just automatically accept everything we are told about or by our leaders (specifically the President).

    It's a breath of fresh air to read an American Christian saying such things, because, as a Canadian who lived in Pcola during 9/11 and the Iraq Invasion (meaning I can have an "outside looking in" AND an "inside looking out" perspective of things at the same time that most Americans won't)--my opinions weren't usually accepted or considered when merely SUGGESTING actions of the president MIGHT be unChristlike. I obviously am more glad he's in power instead of Gore or Kerry, but you're right, just because someone says they're a Christian doesn't mean we must accept everything they say and do without questioning things.

    I like several of the points that article brings up in comparing the good fruit vs. the bad fruit. I don't liken Bush to Hitler and think that comparison is kind of wanting, but I fear for any Believer seeking to change society if they blindly accept everything Bush says and does as being ordained by God. Republicans are not going to change the nation for us....prayer and action on the church ALSO plays a part, not just electing certain leaders and expecting them to pave the way for us with no effort on our part.

    Anyway, that's my editorial for the day. Keep up the good blogging.

  2. Thanks for the encouragment, Steve. This is a hard pill to swallow but I am on the other side of it with a great desire to help expose the lies we have been fed.

    And the whole Nazi connection is most likely due to this:,12271,1312540,00.html



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