"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." Genesis 1
I think it takes more faith to believe in evolution than in creationism after searching the facts! Right here in Pensacola, we have Dinosaur Adventure Land which started as a dream of Dr. Kent Hovind's. Tired of the constant propaganda being spread about evolution through nearly all public state-funded science centers and museums, as though it is a fact, Dr. Hovind decided that it was time to start a Creation Museum, Science Center, and Theme Park that glorified God. “Evolutionism is a religious worldview not supported by science, Scripture, popular opinion, or common sense. The exclusive teaching of this dangerous, mind-altering philosophy in tax-supported schools, parks, museums, etc. is a clear violation of the First Amendment.” - Dr. Kent Hovind

Creation Science Evangelism was started in 1989 by Dr. Kent Hovind. Kent Hovind is one of the most requested speakers on the Creation and Evolution topic in churches and Universities all over the world. Dr. Hovind served as an educator for many years teaching Biology, Anatomy, Physical Science, Mathematics, Earth Science, and many other sciences. Dr. Hovind has debated the Creation and Evolution controversy over 90 times all over the world, in many large Universities, and on thousands of radio talk shows. If you would like to schedule Dr. Hovind to speak at your event, please visit our scheduling page.
Creation Science Evangelism
Dinosaur Adventure Land


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