Audio: Survivor tells of wave ordeal

BBC News reports that a tsunami has swept ashore in the Solomon Islands following a strong undersea earthquake in the South Pacific Ocean according to police.

Waves several metres high were reported to have crashed into some of the Solomons' western islands and there were unconfirmed reports of people missing.

Tsunami warnings were also issued for Indonesia, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and some smaller Pacific islands.

The quake measured 8.0 and hit at 0740 local time on Monday, April 2, 2007.

More weird cloud formations over Sonoma today

A friend was asking me about chemtrails and while reseraching the information, I noticed the above tragic headline regarding an earthquake and tsunami.

Some strongly believe that scalar energy weapons created the Yule tide tsunami back in 2004. On Dec 17, 2004 Pres. Pres. Bush signed an executive order giving control of the world’s oceans to the US for research purposes. 9 days later on the Druid holiday of "Yule", an 9.1 earthquake set off a tsunami that killed 250,000 people in Indonesia.

Watch and listen to Dr. Bertell talk about chemtrails, 9-11, and man made earthquakes.

Howard Ratcliffe says this:
Just about every "foundation" exists to funnel sheeple money into another foundation for use in the furtherance of the New World Order. A recent example of this was the money that poured into the Red Cross to compensate victims of the Illuminati orchestrated 9/11 World Trade Center demolition (no, jet fuel didn't melt the metal, OK?) was only partially distributed. CFR, Bilderberger Group, TC members who appear publicly as bitter rivals, but are now best buds, Magog- Poppy Bush and Bill Clinton asked for more Red Cross money to help out the tsunami victims which was in all likely hood created by electromagnetic scalar waves to bring about the reshaping of that Muslim dominated area into the global village. Why didn't they use the left over 9/11 money we gave to the private corporation we call the Red Cross? Why does the Red Cross use the same insignia as the Templar Knights? Why doesn’t the Red Cross tell us about the 3 million Sudanese refugees that are being systematically raped and infected with AIDS? You don't suppose the Naval vessels including Howard Hughes’ Glomar Explorer that were observed sitting directly over the 90 East Ridge during the winter solstice of 2003 dropped a nuke into the trench while HAARP sent scalar energy into the same spot? HAARP energy increases the pressure along tectonic plates by adding piezo-electric potential to one side vs. the other, and yes we can and do accomplish this as S517 and HR2995 attest to. The tsunami was caused from a pressure equalization of tectonic plates which slipped abruptly on Nimrod’s birthday (Yule). This could have easily been initiated by a nuclear weapon which the Muslim community accused the US of doing almost immediately after the event. This north-south ridge (weak spot) formed during "Noah’s Flood" as tectonic plates collided and folded into what is today the Himalayas or "Rooftop of the World". The production of these mountains moved the earth’s center of mass south which was responsible for the shift of the earth’s axis 4500 years ago. This resulted in the change in climate we see today in the Middle East and Sahara desert which were once among the lushest places on earth, and the Polar Regions which were once habitat for nearly all of the preserved Mastodons and Mammoths. Or you can believe it all happened naturally.

"Others are engaging even in an eco type of terrorism, whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes or volcanos remotely, through the use of electromagnetic waves." American Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, April 1997.

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happened, you can bet it was planned that way." Franklin D. Roosevelt


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