ARTICLE: During the chaos of the school shooting at Virginia Tech, many students turned to the internet, first for information and then to channel their grief.

For many students, the internet was the only point of contact. Cell phones did not work. Many didn't have access to a TV, so they turned to the tool their generation knows best -- the internet.

The My Space Generation may have found its most powerful impact yet. With hundreds of thousands of postings on student-run websites, the internet was the one form of quick, easy and accessible expression.

On one website, a student wrote the following entry:"I am at a loss of words to describe the pain and anger that possess me right now."

Another wrote: "Just like that. We topped Columbine. Please God, have none of them be my friends. Please. "

Blogging has been popular with college students for years.

One student wrote about his injured girlfriend in his blog:"When she came out of surgery, she was not aware of exactly HOW large the magnitude of this tragedy really was, and made us all in the room cry a bit from the story she told us being in the same room with the lunatic who changed our lives forever."

Blogging is a new form of grieving that has come to light in the wake of tragedy.

Another recent entry said:"I claim no glory or fame, nor do I wish to detract the attention to the victims. I suppose the power of the blog is what it really is about."

Virginia Tech Student Blogs:

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