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A reported 1400 vehicles were damaged on 9/11.

These vehicles had peculiar patterns of damage and some were as far away as FDR Drive (about 7 blocks from the WTC, along the East River).

Vehicles had missing door handles for example, windows blown out, window frames deformed, melted engine blocks, steel-belted tires with only the steel belts left, and vehicle front ends destroyed with little or no effect on the back end of the vehicles.

What could have caused such extraordinary damage?

Portions of cars burned while paper nearby did not.


janedoe said…
Hi, Cathy.

I don't know how else to contact you, but here. I do so to express appreciation for your interest in the toasted cars, the dust fountain, the steel turning to dust, ...and your willingness to share this data. Thanks for all you are doing!

janedoe (aka Judy Wood)

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