The New King James is a Counterfeit

Why does the NKJV version have the new age witchcraft Triqueta symbol on the cover?

The NKJV removes the word "Lord" 66 times.

The NKJV removes the word "God" 51 times.

The NKJV removes the word "heaven" 50 times.

The NKJV makes over 100,000 word changes.

Yes, the New King James is a COUNTERFEIT!

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  1. Glad you discovered this.
    Did you check out the Bible Baptist Bookstore, King James Only section of the website? They have one page pamphlets giving some details of what is taken out of various versions.
    I am just learning how to make a blog page.

  2. What's the link to the Bible Book store? There seems to be many options when I googled it.

    Thanks, Enid!



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