Be Not Deceived... Since the Cross, Christians are Israel

From The Third Great Awakening Beast Watch

God warned the deception would be so great it would deceive the very elect if possible. The most important aspect of the deception in these last days is the false notion instilled in Christians through over 100 years of satanic brainwashing that we must support Israel. At the heart of this deception is the fact that Christians fail to realize the fact that they are Israel. Since the cross any reference to Israel is referencing the Church.

Satan has done a masterful job of confusing this foundational truth to the point Christians are now convinced they must support Israel "The Little Horn", the command center of the New World Order. Christians are supporting Israel, as it prepares for World War 3 and it's final push for global dominance. As this fraud gains power, deceived Christians will continue to support the "Beast that was, was not, and is now ascending". The lies and propaganda are bombarding us as such a rate it is clear we needed a specific page devoted strictly to the US Israeli Propaganda.

We must understand Satan is using the dialectic process between the Apostate Church (The False Prophet) and Israel (The Beast, whose deadly wound was healed) to accomplish his end. We must also understand this is in fact Gods end. God is using this relationship as his threshing floor, separating the wheat from the tares, preparing his spotless bride for his return. Christian wake up! "take head that no man deceive you". The only hope to escape this deception is to get rid of the pride and the idols that will keep you from hearing Gods voice. God does not allow his sheep to be deceived.