MKULTRA: Spinning the Kitty


"Britney Spears switching “alters” or “spinning” as Diane Sawyer gives triggers “BREAK UP” and “SPASM” — listen as traumatized Britney actually speaks to one of her alters… “oh hello…strong Britney” (a protective file or alter) – this is being done in our faces, it’s called “spinning the kitty”…blatant DID (formerly MPD) and because she “looks” like she’s living the high life, no one cares..."




  1. Thanks much for shout out! This diabolical gov't sponsored, taxpayer funded Nazi-mind science program must be exposed. Many of our favorite stars in Hollywood and music industry are under mind control,being used as change agents, subjecting fans to mass hypnosis in a massive game of "Simon Says"...

    see MK-Ultra Prog Guide on my blog header

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant

  2. Ck out 1st collaborative effort w/my new parnter Esoteric Kitten -- one of the premiere producers of MK-Ultra Mind Control Analysis vids on the web. I'm confident readers will find us to be a formidable pair...

  3. most incredible!!! please lets know more and try to get this out in public!!!


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