And I believe the LORD is saying...
"Yes, you are my beloved child in whom I am well pleased! Arise and come away with me and do not believe the lies of the wicked one. You are mine, you always have been and you always will be - nothing will separate my love from you, my beloved. On the cross the work was finished, now simply believe this and walk in confident faith. By my wounds you have been healed and I sent my Word and healed your diseases! This is TRUTH and the truth brings freedom. Come and allow me to wash off the cares of the world as you bask in my presence even now. Your are my chosen, accepted, anointed, appointed, gifted, beautiful child FOREVER and EVER!" Then the LORD showed me a waterfall and we were standing under it, enjoying the refreshing, clean, cool water as it flowed over us - our eyes were closed and we had a BIG smile on our face! AMEN!!! Yes, LORD! May we have faith to believe the truth and walk in it each day. Thank You, Abba Daddy, that Your Word washes us and refreshes us by Your Holy Spirit. DANKE JESUS!!!


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