In an effort earlier today to bring attention to the abortion dilemma, I sent out an email asking what the difference was between the Nazi holocaust and the current abortion holocaust. Then I added an intense account of a man who lived in Germany when Hitler was hunting down & murdering the Jews (click here to read it - very powerful!). The question is, what does a person do to stop abortion today? Over the years I have written anti-abortion letters to editors, volunteered at a pregnancy crisis center, taught post-abortion Bible studies, voted pro-life, called and wrote my representatives, handed out pro-life flyers, talked to girls & their families outside abortion clinics before and sometimes after, wrote & sang pro-life songs, stood on street corners with giant posters of aborted babies, shared my personal abortion story with many, walked in pro-life parades & rallies, currently am passing out tracts in English & German which tell of my abortion pain & healing from Jesus, started and am maintaining a pro-life/pro-Israel website, and of course, I have prayed and will continue to do so. But is it ever enough? It doesn't matter. We continue and we don't stop. I know from reading about Nazi Germany, most all who protested against Hitler either lost their lives or were imprisoned. Am I willing to take that kind of risk? I'd like to think so. The whole abortion issue is very frustrating and it is easy to get emotional about it. In faith, we go forward with the mind of Christ and with God's wisdom & His holy boldness to obey in love what the Spirit is telling us individually!


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