Asia, Can, Tabea, & Cathy (left photo) and Cathy & Monk
This week Asia, FIRE missionary to Germany orginally from Poland, is visiting me and today Tabea & Can joined us as we walked around Kudamm, talking to people about Jesus. The most interesting conversation was with Monk, a young man who was sitting with the punks and goths. He and I made eye contact and so we began talking - his English was quite good - and come to find out that he in on a journey to seek truth through God! He had given up drugs and alcohol because they didn't help him. Monk listened to everything we had to say and even let us pray for him, but he struggled about Jesus, which of course is no surprise since Jesus is THE ONE Who makes ALL the difference! It was a divine appointment and after I gave him my testimony tract and before we left, he said, "I am going to have to think a lot about all that you said!" I told him, "If what we are saying is not true, who cares, but... if what we are saying IS true, YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT!" Yes, the Holy Spirit really nailed him with His love - halleluajah! Of course, while we were witnessing to Monk, a punk sitting nearby was lighting one of my tracts on fire. LORD, PLEASE SAVE MONK AND MAY THE FIRE OF GOD IGNITE A HOLY JESUS REVOLUTION IN BERLIN!!!


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