Today, Bianka & I along with a few other friends went down to Kudamm in the rain on the steps by the Memorial Church to share Jesus & worship the LORD with guitar. First Bianka preached and then I. Afterwards, a Peruvian man came up and said that God had brought us & he offered microphones for us to use right then to preach more!!!! He and his music group are Christians. I had heard their music before - mostly instrumental - and had wanted to tell them that it sounded like worship - and I guess it was! So AMAZINGLY, Bianka & I took turns preaching & singing for a few hours I guess, planting LOTS of seeds, talking and praying with different ones. People stopped to listen, a few mocked and laughed, and even the satanists were there trying to distract us, but the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST WAS PROCLAIMED! Both Bianka and I were stunned at this huge open door as these Peruvian musicians invited us to return! Before we left, I noticed a man standing nearby, so we asked him if he knew Jesus. He said he didn't think he could be forgiven because 11 years ago he murdered his wife. Then shortly thereafter while he was in prison, his daughter committed suicide - SO MUCH PAIN! We shared about the depth of Jesus' forgiveness & His healing love which gave him hope. Then after praying for him, he thanked us and said he did feel better. SAVE HIM, LORD! Like everywhere, Berlin has MANY hurting people who need to know that their Creator passionately loves them. PLEASE SET THE PEOPLE FREE, LORD JESUS! AND SEND MORE LABORERS TO THE FIELDS WHICH ARE WHITE, READY FOR HARVEST!


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