Today in an email, I was asked by a good friend if I had been coming under spiritual attack. I replied saying that I guessed so but that I am learning not to focus on that but rather on my Bridegroom King Who passionately loves me no matter what - HALLELUJAH!!! Yesterday while outside I noticed a little dragonfly come and sit on the fence near me. As I watched him, he turned his little head this way and that and I noticed the detail of his four translucent wings and his delicate body. (Earlier in the afternoon, some friends were talking about the bigness of space and the galaxies & how the LORD even knew the number of our hairs and that HE CARED.) So as I am looking at this little dragonfly, watching the wind blow his wings as he clings to the fence, resting, I prayed, "Lord, are You speaking to me through this?" Then I noticed on each of his beautiful wings, on the tip there was one tiny black dot. I thought how sweet that the LORD cared enough to add a little spot on each wing, like dotting an "i"... almost like a little kiss on each of its wings, the signature of the LORD! Then all at once, I was overcome with the love of the LORD and began to weep. He loved this little dragonfly SO much and He loves me even more! God created every detail of our lives in love - He cares so much about us! He is SO big yet He cares about the tiniest detail. Nothing goes unnoticed by our heavenly Papa. Why do we seem to forget this very wonderful revelation of the LORD?? Then today, I learned that the little dot near the wing tip is called "stigma" and is a blood-filled spot. And the dictionary defines "stigma" as a mark or token of infamy or disgrace. (stain). And that "stigmata" are the marks or sores corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus!" YES, JESUS LOVES ME. THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO!


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