Memorial Church; Can & Tabea sharing Jesus; Stephen, Michael, Can, Frank (he's reading a tract), Ernie (lots of pain - his 5 yr-old son died of Leukemia, his wife committed suicide, & he was in prison 7 yrs, now 38 & homeless), Tabea; one of the many homeless people who Jesus loves & died for
Tonight Can, Tabea, & I met at the Kudamm Memorial Church again to worship & create an open heaven - the LORD heard our prayers as we had SEVERAL good conversations which included lots of prayer, lots of seeds planted, and at least one salvation! And unexpectantly, a Christian friend of Can happen to be there and joined us as we shared Jesus with Michael, Frank, Marie from France, John Peter and his 2 friends from Italy, Stephen, Monk, Rene, Otto, Ernie and others. One story: Not sure why Michael came over to us, but I saw that he was a bit drunk. Then the Holy Spirit prompted me to "get in his face" & tell him that he need to stop playing games with God, that God wasn't going to put up with his nonsense much longer and that he needed to repent. When I told him that God has a plan for him but he wasn't living it, he agreed and said a week ago someone else told him the exact same thing! He prayed right there with me to ask God to forgive him of his sins and ask Jesus into his heart. He told me that his father co-founded the YMCA in Berlin (a Christian organization) and what I said reminded him of his mother. Then Can and his friend talked & prayed with him more, took his phone number and invited him to church. GO GOD!! BLESS ALL THESE PEOPLE, LORD JESUS, AND PUT A BURNING HUNGER IN THEIR HEARTS TO WANT MORE OF YOU!


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