Book: Facing Terror by Carrie McDonnall
Carrie McDonnall went to Israel, Jordan, Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries to serve in 1999. During that time, she met and married David McDonnall, a fellow missionary in the Islamic world. They served together in Iraq doing humanitarian work until the attack in March 2004, which claimed David's life and three missionary friends. Carrie writes, "I live my life without David, but am grateful for the time I had with him. The world is not our place of rest; it is a time to work and follow hard after Jesus. When we get home, we can rest. But for now, God is calling his children to share the gospel of the cross, the power of our Holy Father; it's time we obediently follow Him. May we all live our lives in a manner worthy of the calling we have received in Christ Jesus. May we live lives we will never regret."


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