Buddhist Monk says "YES" to JESUS!
When he became ill with malaria and was treated in a Christian hospital, a loving staff member gave him a Bible and this began his journey to Truth. To read his story, please click here. Today I received an email about ANOTHER Buddhist monk who also got sick with maleria but he died. Here is his story: "I found myself in a powerful storm which blew everything away. Not a single tree, nothing was left standing. I was in an empty plain. After some time, I crossed a river, and saw a terrible lake of fire. I was confused, because Buddhism knows no such thing. I did not know that it was Hell until I met Yama, the King of Hell. His face was that of a lion, his feet like snakes, and he had many horns on his head. When I asked his name, he said 'I am the King of Hell, the Destroyer'. I then saw the saffron-coloured robes of Myanmar's monks in the fire, and upon looking closer, saw the shaven head of my former teacher who had been killed in a car accident. 'Why is he in the lake of fire?' I asked. 'He was a very good teacher. 'Yes, he was a good teacher,' said Yama, 'but he did not believe in Jesus Christ. That's why he is in Hell.' I was then shown another man, with long hair bound in a ball on the left side of his head. He also wore a robe, and when I asked who he was, I was told 'Gautama', (Buddha).' I was distraught. Buddha in Hell, with all of his ethics and moral character?' 'It is not important how good he was. He did not believe in the eternal God, so he is in Hell,' answered the King of Hell. I also saw Aung San, the revolutionary leader. 'He is here because he persecuted and killed Christians, but mainly because he did not believe in Jesus Christ,' I was told. Another man was very tall, wearing armour and carrying a sword and shield. He had a wound on his forehead. He was larger than anyone else I could see, around 22 feet tall. The King of Hell said 'That is Goliath, who is in Hell because he mocked the eternal God and his servant David.' I had never heard of either Goliath or David. Another 'King of Hell' approached me and asked 'Are you also going into the lake of fire?'. 'No,' I said, 'I am just here to look.' 'You are right,' the creature said. 'You only came to look. I can't find your name. You'll have to go back to where you came from.' On the way back, I saw two paths, one wide, one narrow. The narrow path, which I followed for about an hour, was soon made of pure gold. I could see my own reflection perfectly! A man calling himself Peter told me 'Now go back to tell the people who worship Buddha and other gods that they will end up in Hell if they do not change. They should believe in Jesus." (To read more, click here.)


  1. I am great believer of God.and he existence.i often read your blogs.But the way you said in this Blog that Monks must beleive jesus ..sights some narrow mindedness which is no way in Christinity...

    Jesus loved all even those who used to hate him.So even if someone dowsnt beleive in Jesus isnt guilty as long as he is doing Good Karma.he forgives those who ask for it.

    God is a manfestation..Light..Water...trees ..air are his manifestation and creativity.

    Like we percieve the same water with different names depending upon which language we speak same way we may call God with different names and go to him in different path(Religions)But he is omnipotent and OMnipresent.

    Foolish are those people who redicule others in the name of religion..causing pain and destruction to mankind.religion is not limited to Bible/Jesus and Church.Religion is just way of life..Glorifying or Rediculing others will get Man no where but to wars like in Middle east and to people like Osama.

    Please put these Blog Off Write abt God/Man but dont write something which brings hatred and evil like Osama fantacism is total no...

  2. I think Khaqsar is right-Jude

  3. Cathy ..lets put this Offline.we need moderate and good face of Jesus..No Force-Solmon

  4. Thanks for all your input, friends! I just added this "comment" option and so this is very cool that you are sharing your thoughs!

    First let me say that the statement, "They should believe in Jesus", was a quote from the second link at end of the blog post (http://www.christian-faith.com/testimonies/buddhist-monk-raised.html) in which Athet Pyan Shintaw Paulu, the monk who was raised from the dead, tells what he was told while in hell.

    And I completely agree with this statement. Of course, not everyone is going to believe in Jesus. In Matthew 7, Jesus says, "You can enter God's Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose the easy way. But the gateway to life is small, and the road is narrow, and only a few ever find it." And in John 10, Jesus explains that He is the Gate.

    Jesus himself said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me." When I first became a disciple of Jesus, I thought, "Wow, this is pretty narrow-minded!" But over the years (28 years now!), I have come to realize the truth of His statement. Jesus is the ONLY way, like it or not. On the streets here in Berlin when I preach, often I will tell the people in love that when we die God is going to ask us a question: "What did you do with my Son Jesus?"

    Jesus is the Door, Jesus is Messiah, Jesus is God. Plain and simple.

    May the revelation of this amazing Truth become clearer and clearer to all us each day because ready or not, HE IS COMING BACK FOR HIS BRIDE!

    Either Jesus is who is says He is: GOD. Or He is liar, fraud and deceiver. Jesus is not just a good prophet or a nice man. He is either God or he is a lunatic.


  5. Hundreds and even thousands of people are raised from the dead every year, anyone interested in this can research and find people to talk to that were actually raised from the dead maybe even someone in your town; many with death certificates and obituary statements and even news broadcasts. There is only one similarity with all these dead raisings JESUS, every one of them is raised by the power of Jesus and in every case it is declared that Jesus is the only way. I have personally met a one that had here own death certificate, and looked into many more. Where can we get a better testimony of how to get to heaven than when 100% of everyone of hundreds to thousands yearly raised from the dead have all agreed on how to get to heaven. These are the people that have actually been to afterlife, and 100% of them agree.

    I am not talking about near death experiences were someone was flat lined and then was shocked and brought back, I mean people that were dead beyond any medical help. Some areas of the world have more than others, in Mozambique Africa a group of Muslims captures a pastor from the Iris ministries and killed him and then after killing him chopped him into tiny pieces, saying go ahead and try raising this one. They did that because several others that were murdered were raised from the dead!

    Bob Jones in America was dead for several days, had death certificate and even local news cast talking about his death. He met Jesus and Jesus said he was not supposed to go to heaven yet and basically told that he is to share Jesus and Jesus’ salvation. Jesus Loves us all and does not want anyone in Hell but we have the choice to accept Jesus as Lord and his free gift or reject him and his free gift of heaven.

    No sin can enter heaven that is why Jesus paid for it and is offering you the payment as a free gift, but he is fair he does not force a gift on any one. He is also a fair judge, a fair judge would not tell a murder to just go free. Likewise God will not let sin in the perfect heaven. One bit of sin is like one drop of poison in a cup of water would you purposely let someone put a drop of poison in you cup of water?

  6. i seek out stories like this one above. there are simply too many of them to be "fabricated". why would a monk make this up? christianity is simply a different orientation to LIFE...existence. i spent ten years meditating with Eastern influences...but that orientation couldnt sustain a cohesive personal ontology. after a few months of intense prayer to God the Father, in the name of Jesus, cleansed with his shed blood...the Holy Spirit made Himself known to me...
    i'm just a normal person who went through a lot of anguish. but i called on Jesus to help me. and it worked. its ALL True. -joel

  7. Bless your heart, Joel, and thank you SO MUCH for sharing your testimony!

  8. I love hearing testimonies like Joel's and I LOVE LOVE LOVE JESUS CHRIST and can not wait for Him to return in all His glory!! Then no one will doubt - every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is the Saviour and King!!!! Halleluja!


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