Ernie listening to Tabea on August 5th
Today we were on the streets by the memorial church again worshipping & preaching and we saw Ernie who was homeless and drunk when we met him a few weeks ago (see August 5th blog post), so we prayed for him & encouraged him. We hadn't seen him until today and he has since then quit drinking and now has his own apartment! Plus God gave him is own guitar which we had prayed for - DANKE JESUS! He plays it for the street people and says it is his calling. He joined Tabea and Can today while they worshipped the LORD and Bianka preached. The rest of us talked to people and prayed for them. One married woman confessed her struggle with lesbianism and she prayed asking Jesus to forgive her - then she asked for directions to our church. We had LOTS of good conversations, but I've noticed that besides atheism, there is a BIG stronghold of spiritual slumber over many here, like they are drugged & don't really care about their eternal destination. I pray the LORD WAKE THEM UP SOON! I guess that's why we are here - like an alarm clock - irritating but necessary! Hahahaha - GET 'EM GOD!


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