This afternoon, Maria and I, along with her friend Andre, were on the S-bahn train when I felt strongly prompted by the Holy Spirit to preach the Gospel, so I did and Maria translated. I had never done this before but had mentioned to both Maria and Bianka that I wanted to do it sometime. We only had a few minutes before the next stop, so the message was short and to the point. Then when the train stopped, we hopped off and and ran into the next train car and preached again - four times total - HALLELUJAH! It was SO FUN! I started like this: "Excuse me! I have something important to tell you! I am not here to sell newspapers. I am not here to take your money. I am here to tell you about my BEST FRIEND, JESUS!" While I talked the reponse was pretty quiet until I mentioned "JESUS" - then sometimes a little laughter and some mocking but many obviously did not want to hear this. There were a few smiles, but like it or not, they ALL heard the Good News. Only the LORD knows what His Words will do in their hearts! WILL YOU PLEASE SAVE AND SET FREE THE BERLIN PEOPLE, LORD JESUS?


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