Hurricane Rita
Kelly McGinley says, "The big secret the media is keeping from you is that the levees broke 22 hours after the storm hit New Orleans. Many claim they heard 4-5 explosions. I suspect many New Orleans residents went back home after the storm. Twenty two hours later they were then facing a worse situation, a dangerous flood. Katrina was a very important storm for the shadow government in accomplishing many of it's goals:
1. Removal of people off land that has been selected for "Rewilding" by the UN.
2. President Bush to receive more power to use federal troops for law enforcement. Loosening the, Posse Comitatus, law in our Constitution which protects us from our government.
3. More money in the pockets of Bush friends. Contract given to Halliburton immediately after the storm.
4. Exposed the "state of mind" of the welfare recipient. And the mentality of the evolutionary teaching.
5. 40 states in the U.S. in state of emergency! In a state of emergency your rights disappear, at least what's left of them... As the "Day of the Lord" draws nigh, the job of born again Christians is to be there to pick up the pieces and give the "Bread of Life" with earnest, for the days are evil." (read more)


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