I was a Christian Zionist at one time but now I realize it is totally unscriptural to support the present day Israel and its evil Jewish leaders.

Many Christians today have been deceived and one of the main tools used by the enemy has been the Scofield Study Bible which promotes the following lies:
1. Eternal Security: you can go to heaven no matter how bad you act
2. Calvinism: teachings of John Calvin, a Jew whose real name was Cohen
3. God blesses those who bless Israel and the Jews, even those Jews who reject the Lord Jesus Christ, live in wickedness and abuse usury
4. Age of Grace/New Dispensation: Jews can go back to their homeland even though they disobey God (this is contrary to what God said in the Old Testament)
5. Christians are obligated to support evil Jews
6. Christ will come back TWICE and these two times are separated by 3-1/2 years (this illogical teaching has created a generation of worthless Christians who can hardly wait for the "rapture" to exit planet earth, avoiding the tribulation, thus they do NOTHING about the problems of the day, i.e. war in Iraq/Lebanon. In fact, they want war so Jesus will come back sooner - how stupid is that? Meanwhile, the suffering innocent scream for help while the "Christians" watch tv and shop at the mall. Question: What would Jesus do? Hint: read the story Jesus told of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10)

Please read the article: The Zionist-created Scofield "bible" - THE SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM IN THE MID EAST: Part II - WHY JUDEO-CHRISTIANS SUPPORT WAR by C. E. Carlson and listen to Ted Pike talk about the Scofield Bible which was first published in 1909 with a Zionist bias to mislead the Christians who follow it.

The Greatest Hoax!
By Charlie Samples"Your churches will be used to teach the Jews' religion and in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be working for divine world government... All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect of Freemasonry."

Who Was Cyrus Scofield?
And who was Cyrus Scofield, author of the Scofield Bible? As a young con-artist in Kansas after the Civil War, he met up with John J. Ingalls, an aging Jewish lawyer... and was taken under the wing of Samuel Untermeier, who later became chairman of the American Jewish Committee, president of the American League of Jewish Patriots, and chairman of the Non-sectarian Anti-Nazi League.

Where Does Samuel Untermeyer Fit Into the Scheme?
Cyrus Scofield was taken under the wing of Untermeyer, and got financial backing for the Scofield Reference Bible from wealthy Jews. Untermeyer blackmailed President Wilson and chose the next Supreme Court Justice. —Louis Brandeis. There's more.

Forcing God's Hand
By Grace HalsellWhy millions pray for a quick rapture — and destruction of planet earth.

Onward Christian Terrorists
"In the single most interesting aspect of this entire spectacle, while the Chosen use their fellow travelers in America to strike Christianity from all public venues, they simultaneously use American Christians to advance their plans for world domination."

The Union Jack - Prologue / Forward
By Helen Peters"With this vast network of kingdom religionists, America has become a Jewish nation because the kingdom on earth (millennial reign of Christ) is the Jew's religion... Truth has no fear and it has withstood the conflict of the ages reinforced and untarnished, waiting for whosoever will."

The Union Jack - Epilogue
By Helen Peters "Religious deception is painless innoculation against truth. It cannot be removed from the conscience with surgery, yet it is the motivator of our actions and directly controls our lives. Once man gives over to false religion, he is no longer rational because he originates no thought. His life is controlled by whomever controls his religion." Senator Joseph McCarthy — six months before his mouth was closed forever."

For a New Society
Time Magazine, January 20, 1941"Church of England liberals moved boldly last week to seize, for the Church, leadership in "ordering the new society" which they found "quite evidently emerging" from the war... It called for unification of Europe in a cooperative commonwealth..."

American Malvern
Time Magazine, March 16, 1942Federal Council of Chruches led by John Foster Dulles. Attended by 375 appointed representatives of 30-odd denominations. "These are the high spots of organized U.S. Protestantism's super-protestant new program for a just and durable peace after World War II: Ultimately, "a world government of delegated powers." Complete abandonment of U.S. isolationism. Strong immediate limitations on national sovereignty..."

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
By Eustace Mullins"Each of these men has made his reputation as a preacher of "fundamentalist Christianity". Amazingly enough, the most fundamental belief which each of them propounds is that we must "love" the Jews, and we must support the bandit State of Israel in its massacres of Arab women and children in Israel's peace-loving neighboring countries."

Rabbi Rabinovich
Speech in 1952 - Budapest (excerpts) "The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand years is at last within our reach, and because its fulfillment is so apparent, it behooves us to increase our efforts and our caution tenfold..."

When is 'Money' Not Money?
Congressional Record, 1934Federal Reserve notes ".. are promises to pay. They are credits or IOU's of the bank." "We are being led by the international Jews operating through Great Britain and the Bank of England..." — Congressman Louis McFadden, American hero

The Unified Conspiracy Theory
"It is that silence of dissent that is so convincing. It is so very near complete, there is but the faintest wail... You can hear it in Dostoyevsky, The Possessed, where "long-eared" Shigalov (the genius!) calculates how a tenth of humanity will someday enjoy complete freedom over the other nine-tenths, who are happy to be bred-down to the level of beasts."

Democracy or Dictatorship
"For those who are prepared to seriously investigate this question of the post-modern democracies, the confrontation with truth, beauty and goodness will be an abomination, even an abhorrence."

Project Blue Beam - New World Messiah
Tape transcript from 1994 - Serge Monast: His analysis of the intended One World Government, its probable method of implementation and the final process to bring all people in the world under the New-Age, One World Religion. Will the new Messiah be the King Despot of the Blood of Zion?


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