Q1. How Did The 2006 Lebanon Conflict Start?

Q2. What surprises is the Hezbollah leader planning?

Q3. What Is Hezbollah?

Q4. Why does Israel let the Hezbollah run around Beirut like boy scouts at a national jamboree but think nothing of killing civilians, which 70% are women and children?

According to Judical Inc, "Hezbollah was formed in 1982, after the Israeli invasion of Beirut. It received enormous funding from 'Unknown sources', and began life as a charity group funding hospitals, and schools. It has a TV channel. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has been the leader since 1992. Israel says he is a fearsome opponent, who kills 25 Israeli soldiers a year. Sayyed says he admires Sharon, and Netanyahu, and reads their books. He is highly educated, has a 'Mysterious past'. He lives in Beirut with his family, and Israel never bothered to assassinate him... In an odd relationship, Israel lets this army of killers run around Beirut like boy scouts at a national jamboree. But Israel thinks nothing of killing civilians, which 70% are women and children. A five minute read will quickly convince you this is nothing more than an Israeli boogey man. It's purpose is to portray the Muslims as madmen... Doesn't it seem odd that some Mossad agent doesn't plant a bomb, or call in a squadron of F-16's with 500 lb bombs, and clobber these monsters? In the last eight days the Israelis killed 320 children, but they let these guys live. Who Funds Hezbollah? Every organization needs funding, and Mossad claims that Hezbollah receives one hundred million a year. Mossad controls Hezbollah, the CIA is doing the funding. Why? Because you don't let the largest terror organization exist without having ears inside. The Mossad, who is the intelligence end, feeds the CIA, who are in the finance end. No doubt a rouge cell will nail a evacuation ship, or airliner. Israel will claim to the CIA that they were on the trail, but it got away from them. It Is All A Farce. These Zionist clowns create these organizations to justify their conquest of the Mideast, and the theft of the Arab's oil fields. If Hezbollah were real, they would use Muslim janitors to place C-4 charges in every Zionist run boardroom in New York. What is real though, is the 242 dead marines in Beirut, the attack on the USS Liberty, and 2500 dead soldiers in Iraq."



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