Creation Science Evangelism was started in 1989 by Dr. Kent Hovind who is one of the most requested speakers on the Creation and Evolution topic in churches and Universities all over the world.

Dr. Hovind served as an educator for many years teaching Biology, Anatomy, Physical Science, Mathematics, Earth Science, and many other sciences. He has debated the Creation and Evolution controversy over 100 times all over the world, in many large Universities, and on thousands of radio talk shows.

In Pensacola, he founded Dinosaur Adventure Land, a fun place to learn the truth about the Bible, Dinosaurs, and much more. Currently Dr. Hovind's name is in the news due to a conflict with the IRS. What happened? Read his blog to find out more and please keep him in prayer.

Here are some of Kent Hovind's other websites:

Creation Science Evangelism

Dr. Hovind's Archived Radio Programs

Dinosaur Adventure Land


Corey said…
Can a blind man lead a blind man, will they not fall into the pit?

At court, Hovind seems to care more about his guns than his wife. He does not care about his family, only his reputation. And his comments will hurt him in the trial.