One reader wrote: After reading this book you will have a solid footing regarding the so called "complex" and "controversial" topic known as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Which is that the conflict is simple and not controversial at all and has a simple solution.

1) The state of Israel has defined borders and they were made in 1949. The 1949 borders did not include Gaza, the West Bank nor Jerusalem. The occupied territories including Jerusalem were captured by Israel during the 1967 war and are occupied illegally in violation of international law. Israel has no rights to those territories!

2) Due to the 1948 war some 750,000 innocent Palestinan civilians were made refugees and Israel has not allowed them to return to their homes in clear violation of international law.

3) All settlements that Israel has built on occupied territories are illegal according to international law and must be vacated and returned. Acquisition of land by war is inadmissable and illegal according to international law.

4) All Israel has to do is to simply return the occupied territories it captured in 1967, allow the right of return of refugees in principal in exchange for a final peace accord with the Palestinians.

5) The occupied territories are not in "dispute" and since negotiations with the Palestinians were initiated Israel has never offered to return to pre 1967 borders in exchange for peace.

6) The holocaust that claimed the lives of nearly 5.5 million European Jews during WWII was perpetrated by Germany and it's allies. However using the holocaust to justify depriving other people of their homeland and denying them their rights as humans to exist in peace is a disgrace to the memory of those millions of innocent Jews who were murdered.

Unfortunately even the discussion of reality on the ground is prevented by all sorts of dishonest means such as tarring people who attempt to bring up these facts as "anti-semites", "holocaust deniers", "enemies of Israel", and "supporters of terrorists". Dershowitz and the like resort to just plain lying about historical facts- such as the non- existance of Palestinans prior to 1948 (ala Joan Peters), or claiming that Israel is the powerless innocent victim who's very existence is at risk, and that Israel has a admirable human rights record. When one is called on to defend the undefendable and unable to prevent discourse then obfuscate, distort, just lie and when that doesn't work tar and feather the other side.

By keeping on point and not being allowed to be side tracked by nonsense arguments it is clear that the facts win out and the other side must resort to desperate means in order to stop the debate. What most people don't realize is that the Pro- Israel think tanks, Holocaust industry, and American Jewish lobby groups have created a multi-billion dollar empire from which they profit from. So they have a vested interest in keeping this "conflict" going indefinitely for their own benefit and do not have Israel's best interest in mind. Prior to 1967 such organizations and industries did not exist and you can bet that once this "issue" stops paying dividends so will these groups and their interest in Israel.

The Media is the Enemy by By Eric Hufschmid

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